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MORAL MAZE: Radio 4 8pm 14 OCT 2020

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Abitofalark Wed 14-Oct-20 14:50:02

May be of interest: The Moral Authority of Organised Religion
^A damning report by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse describes a culture of deference in the Church of England which meant that perpetrators were allowed to hide and, when exposed, were often given more support than their victims. This was a scandal in which the “moral authority of clergy was widely perceived as beyond reproach”. This pattern of behaviour and cover-up is shocking but depressingly familiar. Following decades of such revelations, there is a growing belief that Britain’s churches have lost all moral credibility as a result of their repeated inability to practice what they preach and get their house in order. ...
Whether or not such institutions still command moral authority, formal religious affiliation is nevertheless in decline. Is this to be welcomed or lamented? For many people, rules-based religion has had its day. They see the churches as being out of step on many progressive issues like gender equality and same-sex marriage; they look elsewhere for sources of morality, or they see morality, faith and spirituality as subjective and personal. ...^

Also worth mentioning last week's programme (which I missed) on Lived Experience. ... “lived experience” is a central tenet of social justice. It has become an established part of the way we interact, debate and reason in the public square. Is there something irreplaceable about experiencing what others merely intellectualise about? Should lived experience play a greater role in policy-making?...

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ChattyLion Wed 14-Oct-20 22:39:55

Thanks - these look interesting

Aesopfable Wed 14-Oct-20 23:53:33

That lived experience one might be interesting too.

I caught the beginning of one on ‘expertise’ and they had what sounded like a young upstart columnist asking questions saying expertise was undemocratic. I got where I was going in the car so didn’t hear any more but it was just idiotic wokery that some journalists/columnists seem vulnerable to. I did wonder if he would take the same attitude should he have a car crash and needed an expert doctor to put him back together again.

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