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Police in Scotland want your views on hate crime

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Aesopfable Tue 13-Oct-20 18:20:50

Apparently nothing to do with Hate Crimes Bill hmm

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Dreeple Tue 13-Oct-20 19:20:44

Do they only want the right views though?

Aesopfable Tue 13-Oct-20 19:23:42

It starts well - they actually ask about sex.

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queenofknives Tue 13-Oct-20 19:47:44

Thanks. I completed the survey and hope others will do the same. My final comment was to quote JKR: "It's not hate to speak the truth."

Cabinfever10 Tue 13-Oct-20 20:09:48

Thanks for that I've just filled it in. This will probably out me but when my father tried to murder my 18 year old daughter in front of witnesse who had to drag him off her and admitted it to the police they gave him a police caution. I have no faith in police Scotland they just don't care about women.
I really shouldn't be surprised by this as they did nothing to him for any of the assaults that put me in hospital as a kid. I'm truly just waiting for the knock on the door telling me that he's killed my mum (who won't leave him) and wondering if they will prosecute him for it .

334bu Tue 13-Oct-20 20:45:13

Don't know if my form will be ignored as I filled it in as if misogyny was a hate crime. Maybe if enough women fill it in someone might notice that women are targeted just because they are female.

2Rebecca Tue 13-Oct-20 21:14:11

Done, mainly giving a list of other crimes I viewed as far more important.

Gingerkittykat Tue 13-Oct-20 21:19:55

My daughter was the victim of a homophobic hate crime in Febuary. She reported it to the police and they seem to have done nothing despite the staff in the premises it happened in told her to report and they had bodycam video images of what happened.

It took another agency chasing them twice before they communicated to her that they didn't know who the perpetrator was so no action will be taken. If they had bothered to get the CCTV and bodycam images they would have had a good chance of identifying him.

littlbrowndog Tue 13-Oct-20 21:21:11

Sorry cabin ❤️💐

How awful for you as a kid. Been there. nobody cares about what battering our mums does for us kids

Gingerkittykat Tue 13-Oct-20 21:25:15


Done, mainly giving a list of other crimes I viewed as far more important.

My daughter has the right to walk down the street without being verbally abused (which has happened several times). She also has the right to go into a pub without being verbally abused, threatened and told she should be 'put down' with all the other gays by a drunk, middle aged man.

Can you tell me why that is not important?

MrsBrunch Tue 13-Oct-20 21:45:21


Don't know if my form will be ignored as I filled it in as if misogyny was a hate crime. Maybe if enough women fill it in someone might notice that women are targeted just because they are female.

Me too. And I complained that misogyny isn't even recognised as a hate crime even though sex is one of the protected characteristics of the EA.

Cabinfever10 Tue 13-Oct-20 22:01:43

Thanks @littlbrowndog
I answered it as if misogyny was a hate crime too, but also pointed out that even though rape and death threats are a crime they do nothing about it. When they asked why i don't bother reporting it I said it was because they have been stonewalled.
The question about what they can do to change things i suggested training in the actual laws around the equality act and a public statement about death and rape threats being unacceptable and actually publicly prosecuting men for doing so.
I doubt that they will listen though

Aesopfable Tue 13-Oct-20 22:06:05

I do think it should be more clear that a hate crime requires a crime to have taken place. So often where I see hate crime mentioned there is no acknowledgement that there must be a crime and the ‘hate’ part only comes in the sentencing after the party has been found guilty of the crime. An expression of hate is not enough of itself (though threats and harassment are).

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queenofknives Tue 13-Oct-20 22:13:54

My comments were along the lines that there needs to be more clarity about what constitutes a hate crime and especially an "incident", and that the law should be the same for all, I.e. you can't choose some characteristics to protect against hate and ignore others. I also commented along the lines that people's feelings and interpretations should not be their guide as to whether a crime had taken place. And I said it seems like the police are more interested in protecting trans people from hearing that biological sex is real than in protecting women from death threats and abuse.

It was quite a confusing survey tbh. I don't think the questions were clear.

Sillydoggy Tue 13-Oct-20 22:48:09

There are lots of free form boxes to comment in!

littlbrowndog Tue 13-Oct-20 23:06:29

Cmon let’s do it everyone. Fill it in

Aesopfable Wed 14-Oct-20 00:02:16


There are lots of free form boxes to comment in!

Yes! It will be very time-consuming to analyse. These surveys normally prefer closed (bias/leading) questions to generate pretty statistics.

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queenofknives Wed 14-Oct-20 08:26:40

Yes - I take back what I said about the questions. They are actually GREAT questions in terms of giving you the space to say whatever you want to say about misogyny and policing.

ArabellaScott Wed 14-Oct-20 08:33:25

flowers Cabin and littl.

Thanks is for sharing, will fill in. The stonewalling of police and the way they've aligned themselves with tra ideology has eroded my trust. I suppose it gots very well with what is generally understood as a heavily misogynistic organisation.

NonnyMouse1337 Tue 20-Oct-20 10:07:48

The deadline for responses to the survey is 12 noon on 31 October 2020.

I need to find some time this weekend to complete this. Are there quite a lot of questions?

ahagwearsapointybonnet Tue 20-Oct-20 10:13:57

Is it just for Scots, or open to anyone? (Might still be relevant to people in England who live near the border or are regular visitors I suppose!).

ArabellaScott Tue 20-Oct-20 10:22:39

No, maybe about 10? Pretty refreshingly straightforward to fill in really, and as it's free text boxes you can say as little or as much as you wish.

ArabellaScott Tue 20-Oct-20 10:23:33

I filled it in in a bit of a rush as I'm very time pressed right now. A shame, it probably merits more time spent on it. If anyone would like to write very insightful and eloquent responses and share them, I would fill it in again! smile

ArabellaScott Tue 20-Oct-20 10:24:56

ahag, I would think as anyone can visit Scotland and may then find this relevant it would/shoudl be open to anyone. I don't recall them asking for a location.

NonnyMouse1337 Tue 20-Oct-20 10:38:54

Thanks ArabellaScott, that's good to know. Soooo many things to fill and emails to send.

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