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US Spectator on Scottish Poet and latest witchhunt

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lionheart Mon 12-Oct-20 08:54:43

Apologies if this has already been posted but I couldn't find it:

'To begin at the beginning, Lindsay is a poet who makes what living she can by performing live, organizing events and mentoring young writers. In June 2019 she objected to a writer for the Skinny, who said they believed in ‘violent action’ against Terfs (in this instance lesbian feminists at a Pride March). '

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lionheart Mon 12-Oct-20 08:56:36

'Scottish anti-fascists had, apparently, taken a break from the fight against neo-Nazism so they might concentrate on poetry libraries instead.'

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TitianaTitsling Mon 12-Oct-20 12:52:37

Have been reading this, and cannot comprehend the level of madness and vitriol being directed here at Jenny Lindsay. Well sadly I actually can!

lionheart Mon 12-Oct-20 20:16:31

It's a pattern isn't it?

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DeliciouslyFemale Mon 12-Oct-20 20:38:37

Another brave artist that I shall support, by buying this issue, with her poem in it. She’s a very brave young woman. I wish that other newspapers had the courage to print an honest and refreshing view of how women are being bullied by the TRAs/MRAs.

Pronounciata Mon 12-Oct-20 20:44:58 to subscribe or buy a single copy of the magazine she wrote her Anatomy of a Hounding in

DeliciouslyFemale Mon 12-Oct-20 20:54:35

Thank you, Pronounciata. There seems to be a lot of stuff coming to light recently, so I think it’s important to bump this thread so this young woman gets support.

anonymice Tue 13-Oct-20 10:43:49

Jenny is a wonderful poet and a courageous human being. Her latest collection which caused TRAs to get so upset is available to buy here and it is really really good.

TitianaTitsling Tue 13-Oct-20 11:13:19

Can't agree more with the above!

thinkingaboutLangCleg Tue 13-Oct-20 11:38:48

The Scottish Poetry Library has come under attack for defending poets from TRAs' attempts to ban them and their work. For a poet, this means basically losing their job.

Glasgow Women's Library caved in to transactivists' demand for No Debate, and banned women holding a meeting to discuss the self-ID bill earlier this year. Interesting piece from the Wild Woman Writing Club about both libraries here:

And another one here:

thinkingaboutLangCleg Tue 13-Oct-20 11:41:57

Sad to say, the writers' group Scottish PEN said it was "disappointed" by the poetry library's stand.

Ironically, their website states Scottish PEN is a centre of PEN International and not-for-profit organisation that champions freedom of expression and literature across borders. - but obviously not if it offends people who could get you sacked.

lionheart Tue 13-Oct-20 14:41:08

Thanks for those additional links. What a mess.

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