'Trigger Warning: My Lesbian Feminist Life' (Sheila Jeffreys)- anyone read it yet?

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DistrictCommissioner Mon 14-Jun-21 17:49:09

My mum was what she calls ‘a political lesbian’ in the late 70s/early 80s. This sounds interesting.

EmpressWitchDoesntBurn Mon 14-Jun-21 17:47:06

Yes, and I loved it. I envied the amazing feminist movement she describes, but then she moves on to talking about the new movement and it’s (literally) us.

SnoopyLights Mon 14-Jun-21 17:40:45

I have bought it but haven't started it yet.

It's another one in my project to support banned books or cancelled authors, bought because she has faced some criticism recently for her views and an event she was due to speak at was cancelled by the venue, in part due to complaints regarding her participation.

A woman who has people that determined to shut her down is definitely a woman worth reading, so I will be getting to her book very soon.

GrimSisters Fri 26-Feb-21 08:55:46

I think Sheila is great. Don't agree with absolutely everything she says (like the idea that one can choose to be a lesbian), but have have chatted to her and heard her speak at some of the WHRC webinar and discussion events and love her ideas.
I'll put this one on my reading list.

SusannaSpider Sun 24-Jan-21 11:05:32

No, but I wondered why a post on this needed a trigger warning and then the penny dropped🤦

SoulofanAggron Fri 02-Oct-20 01:02:30

I have this and hope to get round to starting it in the next couple of days. Anyone else?

It's her autobiography and intended to describe revolutionary feminism (political lebianism) in a less academic way than her previous books. Also because that movement in feminism has been somewhat forgotten. www.amazon.co.uk/Trigger-Warning-Lesbian-Feminist-Life/dp/1925950204?tag=mumsnetforu03-21

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