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The BBC and Jenni Murray's final word on Woman's Hour

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Abitofalark Thu 01-Oct-20 15:03:56

Jenni Murray's final word on Woman's Hour is omitted or replaced by the BBC. That word was 'sex' - when she said of women that although there are many stereotypes and roles, what we all share is our sex.
The word was replaced on the radio immediately following Woman's Hour; the statement, including the word, was omitted both on the News website and on the podcast.

The news item on the BBC website headed "Woman's Hour: Dame Jenni Murray signs off with feminist anthem" and opened with (in bold): "Dame Jenni Murray ended her final episode of Woman's Hour with Helen Reddy's feminist anthem, I Am Woman," omitted her affirmation of Woman altogether, stating " She signed off by thanking all of the listeners, who she described as "a vital part of the Woman's Hour family" She also thanked "the three men in my family - David, Ed and Charlie", who she added had "given endless support", before playing Reddy's ode to female empowerment to finish. "

The podcast played 'I am Woman', followed by Jenni ending with a statement along the lines of ...Well that's all from me as I leave Woman's Hour. I really wanted to thank you for your support....contribution...I won't read emails out...
This was followed by other voices reading out emails paying tribute to Jenni.

Does anyone have access to iPlayer to check out the ending there and whether her final words have been tinkered with or omitted?
We should be able to check from the actual source, the BBC, the precise words of her statement, as I have seen a few different versions on threads here which don't accord with how I remember it. If they've censored it in all forms of reporting and recording how can we?

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Shedbuilder Thu 01-Oct-20 15:08:06

Several other threads on this, OP!

nauticant Thu 01-Oct-20 15:08:26

This was followed in real time:

The news bulletins since have moved away from the selective quoting.

Abitofalark Thu 01-Oct-20 17:34:11

Thanks, nauticant. You mention the news bulletins. I want to highlight the BBC's censo...tinkering on all its outlets and have so far included the news bulletin (which I will amend and update to reflect what you said - oops, not sure if I can edit my opening post), the news website report and the podcast.
Do you have access to the iPlayer? I don't which is why I asked above if anyone has it in order to find out if the statement has been omitted or doctored but also to find out the actual words of the statement so that they can be documented.

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nauticant Thu 01-Oct-20 17:53:43

As I understand it, news bulletins aren't available on BBC Sounds. It might be possible to specifically request that they make a particular one available but I'd expect this to be a faff.

Abitofalark Thu 01-Oct-20 18:14:53

Thanks, nauticant.That bit - the iPlayer - wasn't in reference to the news bulletins. They may not be available, as you say. No, I wanted to know if the iPlayer recording of Woman's Hour included Jenni's final declaration about women and sex and what the actual words of her statement were. I cannot find the actual words on any other BBC source or on mumsnet either.

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JoodyBlue Thu 01-Oct-20 18:17:05

@Abitofalark I've just listened to the podcast. The sentence about many stereotypes of woman but what we share is our sex is there. It is at the end of the Joan Baez piece, before her final comments.

BobbinThreadbare123 Thu 01-Oct-20 18:18:36

The Daily Mail had the exact words earlier today. I checked all the major news outlets to see which actually quoted....

DrDavidBanner Thu 01-Oct-20 18:21:15

The statement was there when I listened to the podcast on Spotify today after Joan Biez and before she played I Am Woman by Helen Reddy. I may have shed a tear 😳

Abitofalark Thu 01-Oct-20 18:28:34

Thank you, JoodyBlue, That's very interesting. I'm wondering now if it's been updated or if it I missed it. I listened to it twice but skipped some of the singing. I'll listen again. I'm glad to know it's there as I will now be able to find out the actual words and put them here for reference.

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passthegin1234 Thu 01-Oct-20 19:11:19

If you listen on sounds, it's on at roughly 44mins.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 01-Oct-20 19:13:18

The six o clock news on R4 ended with her final statement, uncensored.

Abitofalark Thu 01-Oct-20 19:47:32

I have now listened to the podcast and got the words. At last!

'If you do a programme like Woman's Hour you have to consistently remind yourself that women are a vast range. There are many, many, many different stereotypes that fit our gender, so there's no one stereotypical woman but our sex we share.'

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Abitofalark Thu 01-Oct-20 20:12:08

Thanks all, for your comments and references to the broadcasts. I should have mentioned it's at 40min 30secs to 40 53 on the broadcast.

So it looks as if the Radio 4 news bulletin immediately following Woman's Hour broadcast part of the statement, referencing gender but omitting the all-important 'our sex we share' but later restored this to all bulletins, as far as we know.

The podcast does include the whole statement at 40 mins 30 secs.

It seems reasonable to assume it's on the iPlayer also.

The lengthy website News article on Jenni's leaving is quite detailed about her final programme but omits her statement completely. It does find space to put in extra information about who's taking over etc so it could have included her final leaving flourish and declaration which was significant, dramatic and certainly newsworthy.

Thanks to the publicly funded BBC choosing not to inform us I had to spend ages casting around to find it. Even the Daily Mail attempted to give us the gist of the statement although it was a cut and mangled version. Shame on the BBC, though.

I was stunned by that statement from Jenni. It came like a rocket from nowhere, fizzing and sparkling with fire and spirit. Good on you, Jenni! After that and I am Woman song and the farewell I could feel the tears building and a couple even escaped. Amazing to read that she has been working for the BBC since 1973.

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