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PerpetuallyUnderwhelmed Wed 23-Sep-20 20:01:07

What is their policy on doctors spouting controversial and offensive personal opinions, very publicly? Most workplaces have some policy against this.

I am sure this has been covered before and throughly investigated by the members of this board..... but I wanted to check.

Also wanted to out myself as a long time lurker on this board who has, today, finally HAD ENOUGH!

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Dozer Wed 23-Sep-20 20:02:29

They’re a trade union, not an employer.

And they’re often piss poor on women’s issues

PerpetuallyUnderwhelmed Wed 23-Sep-20 20:03:00

Oh sorry. I mean the GMC, don’t I?

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MissLucyEyelesbarrow Wed 23-Sep-20 21:54:00

You do mean the GMC. There are rules against bringing the profession into disrepute (they have updated the language, but that's basically what the rules say). However, 'disrepute' is in the eyes of the beholder and the GMC doesn't give a shiny shit about misogyny. If Drs A and C had treated black or gay people online the same way that they have treated women, they would have been hauled off to medical Azkaban years ago.

SurrogacyIsModernDaySlavery Wed 23-Sep-20 23:17:25

There's been a few complaints about Harrop to the GMC, dehumanising as his comments were he's said far worse in the past. He's been continued to be allowed to practise as a doctor confused

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 23-Sep-20 23:21:10

I presume dealing with the GMC is what Harrop is talking about here - advising another doctor how to play them.

persistentwoman Wed 23-Sep-20 23:22:16

Imagine going to see a GP who you know calls women 'uterus havers'.
What a nasty dehumanising experience that must be.

SurrogacyIsModernDaySlavery Thu 24-Sep-20 00:03:01

Welcome to commenting btw PerpetuallyUnderwhelmed and do feel free to make a complaint to the GMC if you feel it's warranted, the more the better.

MrsKeats Thu 24-Sep-20 00:22:58

I have made 2 complaints so far and they keep saying he's been looked at.
GMC needs to be inundated by complaints then maybe they will do something finally,

SurrogacyIsModernDaySlavery Thu 24-Sep-20 01:42:18

I've complained before, didn't seem to do anything, I put him on mute so I didn't keep seeing his hateful comments.
It does need every women who finds him disturbing to complain.

PerpetuallyUnderwhelmed Thu 24-Sep-20 08:22:08

I will complain. Surely the more complaints, the better? The recent tweets on surrogacy and his response to some of the women in the comments must have overstepped the line.

I’m sure a huge majority of his female patients will have no idea about his views and there must be an argument that his stance could compromise adequate care?

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risefromyourgrave Thu 24-Sep-20 09:03:04


I presume dealing with the GMC is what Harrop is talking about here - advising another doctor how to play them.

This comment from him seems to treat the GMC with the same contempt that he treats women. The fact that he does this on a public platform shows to me that he clearly doesn’t think the GMC are anything for him to be worried about.

PerpetuallyUnderwhelmed Thu 24-Sep-20 10:54:31

I think I will try to include that screenshot in my complaint. Hopefully his utter contempt will rile them sufficiently to take the complaint more seriously.

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