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Trans Lessons in Schools

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IAmADancer Wed 23-Sep-20 12:02:31

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to check which schools have undertaken teaching the reforms in relation to sex education that have been implemented in September? With two five year olds in year 1, I am keen to know if they are being taught that you can apparently change sex if you want too, even if it’s not actually biologically appropriate!

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FemaleAndLearning Wed 23-Sep-20 12:10:04

You will need to contact individual schools and ask them what their policies are, who they invite to school, whose resources they use etc. Some policies will be on the schoolook websites like bullying and equality. Note schools do not have to go above and beyond what the government has set out, which begs the question why are some schools spending resources on this?
Safe Schools Alliance have template letters you can use.

FemaleAndLearning Wed 23-Sep-20 12:12:30

Forgot this too from Transgender Trend

IAmADancer Wed 23-Sep-20 12:29:26

Fantastic thank you.

I just can’t imagine a teacher reading through all the information and agreeing to teach it!

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FemaleAndLearning Wed 23-Sep-20 13:09:43

I don't think the teachers do they trust it is acceptable. My school was quite reasonable and hadn't gone above and beyond but they had still put gender as a protected characteristic and used gender when they meant sex as in talking about puberty and using a teacher of same sex. It is all very subtle. Good luck!

LiterallyProblematic Wed 23-Sep-20 13:32:24

I would start by asking the class teacher who the relevant person to speak to is (head of year, deputy head etc).
Then ask if they have any resources in the school which refer to gender identity or issues of transgender. My son’s primary had multiple copies of ‘10,000 dresses’.
Ask if they have any external providers of PSHE or RSE. Ask to see their PSHE policy. It should be on the web site.
We’re in north London and an organisation called Diversity Role Models (ASDA paedophilic book recommendation fame) come to speak to Y5 every year. They make reference to the definition of transgender, but primarily speak about homophobic bullying.
Contact Our Duty if you are concerned, or post back here.

Kanaloa Wed 23-Sep-20 13:40:24

I agree I think all you could do would be make a list of all the schools you’re considering and then ask them for their specific school policies. Although if you asked a school for their transgender policies they might assume you have a transgender child, so not sure how helpful this would be.

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