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Topless outdoors?

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Dorobie Sun 20-Sep-20 19:27:01

I ended up at a lake today and only the kids had their wetsuits. I didn’t have any swim kit but really wanted to go in as I love it... and the weather was amazing!! I didn’t want to get my bra or t shirt wet so stripped off to my underpants and went in like that. Topless. My husband wasn’t bothered and we were in a secluded area, but there were people around.. such as in the next bay or on the lake paddling past in boats.

At 1st I felt a little insecure, but after a while I thought you know what... sod it! If a bloke can walk down the high street on a hot summer’s day with his beer belly hanging out (although I’d rather not see any torso - beer belly or not on the high street!) then why can’t I?

Does anyone else think like this or do this? Within the UK? I hate that it’s such a taboo!

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nosswith Sat 26-Sep-20 14:56:54

You would not be in a lake or river today!

I think the possibility of being photographed puts many women off.

Goosefoot Sat 26-Sep-20 21:53:29

I would do it in a place where it was the thing, but not likely where it wasn't. I don't think it's entirely fair to shock people unexpectedly.

If I thought no one would see me I'd probably go for it, of course accidents do happen but in those cases I think it is a matter of everyone being understanding. An aunt of mine had an experience like that sunbathing behind her house which backed on a river. That day, of all days, a fisherman came wading up the river!

VickySunshine Sat 26-Sep-20 22:02:59

If it was secluded with nobody around then yes, absolutely but I'd be too self conscious with other people bimbling about.

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