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A 'Women's Revolution' in Belarus

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ArabellaScott Fri 18-Sep-20 09:52:32

Brave and amazing. Women are unmasking the anonymous men abducting them from peaceful protests, filming and identifying them. Of course, they are risking their own safety in the process.

Sunlight, though, shows the power of sunlight. And a lovely quote at the end from the mother of an arrested woman.

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OhHolyJesus Fri 18-Sep-20 14:13:54

That was really good, important to know, I had no idea what was going on in Belarus. Love what the mother says at the end, she won't stop her daughter from protesting, she will go with her next time.

Thelnebriati Fri 18-Sep-20 14:53:18

Women have been kidnapped and detained by the state, after the rigged election.

littlbrowndog Fri 18-Sep-20 14:58:23

They have been kidnapped by men in balaclavas and green boiler suits

Thrown into trucks and disappeared.

The women are so brave

JustHereWithMyPopcorn Fri 18-Sep-20 15:08:10

What?? I have heard nothing about this, have I been living in a cave? How terrifying for those poor women. Why is this not headline news?

Sicario Fri 18-Sep-20 15:10:16

The recent footage (this week definitely) showing that poor woman being literally thrown into a truck was terrifying. It looked like she might have sustained a neck injury the way she was just thrown like that.

ArabellaScott Fri 18-Sep-20 16:15:06

Belarus' (allegedly) rigged elections have been in the news for months - sometimes headline news. But I think covid has kind of obliterated our noticing of things to an extent.

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