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Citizens UK - make misogyny a hate crime campaign

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Wondersense Thu 10-Sep-20 10:15:33

I'm not sure if this has already been posted here, but if I were a part of Citizens UK, Mumsnet Women's Rights forums would be my first place to post something like this. Haven't seen it yet though. Maybe I missed it. I wonder what their definition of hate crime will be, and what their definitions of 'woman' and 'girl' are.

'It’s dangerous to classify some crimes as more deserving than others. Harassment, groping, stalking and assault are all crimes. Yet, women are being told to accept it as normal, put up with comments and accept that they will be heckled and threatened… it shouldn’t be a case that women are told that harassment is part of life and not worth being investigated'

If this did go through, I wonder how they would handle a case like Maria MacLachlan?

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Kit19 Thu 10-Sep-20 10:44:42

I saw this

As you say OP without using adult human female or juvenile human female as the definition of woman/girl then how does this work?

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