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Claires law disclosure

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mummyp3e3 Wed 26-Aug-20 12:34:33

Hi, has anyone had any experience of a Claires law disclosure? I filed one in May for my ex partner... Currently still waiting.

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ByGrabtharsHammerWhatASavings Wed 26-Aug-20 14:19:29

No experience I'm afraid OP, but just wanted to offer support. I'm sorry you had to go through whatever it was that made you feel the need to use Clares law.

Maybe you'd get more replies in the relationships topic?

Fenellapitstop Wed 26-Aug-20 14:20:57

It should have been completed by now, call 101 and ask for an update

mummyp3e3 Wed 26-Aug-20 15:07:41

Thank you. Yes, I've left a very abusive relationship back in May and exP has a non molestation order on him.. The information from the disclosure would be really vital for the return hearing. X

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