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It won't happen website? Help

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Newwayofthinking Wed 19-Aug-20 10:11:43

Does anyone have the website where all the "it won't happen" this are listed.

Is it mostly American or Uk

I have a biter

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Newwayofthinking Wed 19-Aug-20 10:23:39

Found it

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SunsetBeetch Wed 19-Aug-20 10:51:53

That's a really good resource. I'll add it to our own It Will Never Happen site.

SunsetBeetch Wed 19-Aug-20 10:56:25

*thread not site.

needaMNnamegenerator Wed 19-Aug-20 10:58:35

Linking the MN thread on this:

SheWhoMustNotBeHeard Wed 19-Aug-20 11:05:52

Has the mumsnet thread been archived?

NotBadConsidering Wed 19-Aug-20 11:08:20

There’s also a Facebook open group This Never Happens

SunsetBeetch Wed 19-Aug-20 12:41:07

I'm not sure if our whole thread has been archived, but ThePankhurstConnection has been archiving some posts (it's too late for some of them, unfortunately).

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