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Birth Certificates - Any Mumsnetters from the ACT here?

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NotYourCisterinAus Fri 14-Aug-20 01:44:07

(Australian Capital Territory, that is!)

I got this email from one of my local MLAs yesterday:

"Dear [Redacted],

Getting a tattoo is a big deal. It's permanent.

It’s one of those decisions that both parents and policymakers acknowledge that underage Canberrans should not make on their own. That’s why there is a law that says if you are under 18, you need the consent of your guardian. The adult that is looking out for you.
Sounds reasonable right?

Well, let’s consider the new law just passed by ACT Labor and the Greens, the majority power holders in the ACT Parliament.

From now on, your 12-year-old son or daughter can apply to erase their birth sex on their birth certificate and replace it with whatever gender they decide.

Without your knowledge or consent.

I think that’s a pretty big deal too.

It's permanent.

It’s one of those decisions that should absolutely involve parents.
Unbelievable. Unreasonable. Completely out of touch.

After almost 7000 days in government and with only 17 hours of parliamentary sitting time remaining before the ACT election, this is the kind of law that the Barr Government are treating as a priority right now.

At a time when we need strong families, they are dividing them. When we need governments and policymakers focussed on jobs and the economy, they are focussed on ideology.

It’s not about the needs of Canberra families and hasn’t been for a long time.

The election is now fast approaching, I hope I can count on your support.

Your local Member,

Andrew Wall MLA "

(This seems to have been slipped through while everyone's attention was elsewhere. Thoughts, everyone?)

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ChakaDakotaRegina Fri 14-Aug-20 02:28:21

I’m in NSW and I felt pretty confident that we were a long way behind the UK on this. There was a great article in the Australian this week about the medical treatment of teenagers.

I’m worried if this is slipping through behind the scenes. I know each state has different definitions but I thought they all had some level of GRC. This sounds more self ID - presumably it applies from 12 up?

Is there anywhere that confirms this has actually gone through?

ItsLateHumpty Fri 14-Aug-20 02:55:28

South Australia

+18 with a medical statement
-18 only if “the South Australian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) approves the making of the application“ and a medical statement

So my understanding is that yes, a child under 18 can apply without a parents consent or knowledge but SACAT would have to approve.

“...provides a statement by a medical practitioner or psychologist certifying that the person has undertaken a suffcient amount of appropriate clinical treatment in relation to the person’s sex or gender identity.”

Limitation on the number of applications that may be made
“If you apply to change your sex or gender identity more than once in a 12 month period or more than three times in your lifetime, the Registrar of Births, deaths and Marriages may reject your application.“

ItsLateHumpty Fri 14-Aug-20 03:01:20

Sorry OP, not ACT I know but your post prompted me to see what SAs guidelines where.

At least here we’ve not got self ID yet and there appears to be a safety net in place for both adult and child transitioners. How well they work in practice though, I’ve no idea.

ACT, from that email, doesn’t sound like there is any adult advice or guidance for children and that’s a worry.

NotYourCisterinAus Fri 14-Aug-20 04:17:51

I dug up Hansard for the ACT and found it's not quite as bad as this letter makes out--you have to be 16 before you can register without parental consent (but between 12 and 16 you only need the consent of one parent). It seems that the Government consulted with a group called "A Gender Agenda" in drafting this legislation.


The Bill:

Even if I wasn't gender critical I'd be leery of this legislation: mucking around with birth certificates is tampering with the historical record and is all too Orwellian for me. The problem is the ACT Legislative Assembly is a single-chamber parliament, so who ever is in power can can pass what laws they want with practically no oversight.

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Nomnomarrgh Fri 14-Aug-20 12:56:33

In 1984, Winston can’t really remember the past as there is no proof of it. Will there be original proof held somewhere of reality?

NearlyGranny Fri 14-Aug-20 13:05:12

Yeah, your mum will always know.

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