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Forgive my favourite actor

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CuriousaboutSamphire Wed 12-Aug-20 18:23:45


My FB feed has a couple of these, national and even a local one.

Apparently a Coronation St character is coming back but with a new actor. Cue the cries of it's not fair, it won't be the same, he deserves a second chance, he has served his time etc.

He was convicted of a number of sexual assaults. He seems to have tried to shove his fingers inside women, in public, night clubs, totally non consensually.

But, according to a few fb posters, that was a drunken error, something many loads do when drunk, he couldn't remember it but pled guilty to save the women a nasty time in court, etc.

Those posting such crap are being robustly challenged but it is truly disheartening... They are all female!

I don't understand it!!!

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CuriousaboutSamphire Wed 12-Aug-20 18:25:25

Oops! I have asked for it to be moved.

I'm on my phone...

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deydododatdodontdeydo Thu 13-Aug-20 09:47:25

I have no idea who you're referring to, but fandoms are always quick to forgive and support their heroes.
E.g., Ched Evans (and dozens of other footballers, including another one I can't remember convicted of (I think) a racist violent attack on another man), Cheryl Tweedy, etc.

Jocasta2018 Thu 13-Aug-20 10:05:31

Are you talking about Bruno Langley???

I'm not that impressed that he's being welcomed with open arms. You don't have to pay compensation to your victims and sign onto the Sex Offenders register for 5 years just for a one-off drunken quick grope.
I can't understand why a woman would be so quick to forgive this.

Likewise I was not impressed with some people's easygoing attitude to the return of Ant McPartlin either...

Lordamighty Thu 13-Aug-20 10:09:23

No they have recast the role of Todd Grimshaw that Langley played, he won’t be coming back.

CuriousaboutSamphire Thu 13-Aug-20 16:34:07

I actually haven't got a clue who he is! Which only added to my Grrrrr! as frends were asking me what I thought and wouldn't take "Who? What?" as an answer.

The only info I had when I posted was from fb that friends had seen fit to draw my attention to!

I was a bit shock at all the women gathering him unto their virtual bosoms!

And yes, Ant McP, Ched Evans etc.

But the robust 'fuck that's have continued and one friend has rung me to discuss it. She was in tears????? Apparently the actor, Bruno??, is a lovely bloke and it isn't fair he is being demonised!

I was a bit cruel, reminded she is 50 something and the now tagged and bagged 30 something actor was not someone she actually knows and the caharacter is not real!!

I have lost a friend. Not sure that bothers me.

But the eternal forgiveness of young, rich, famous sex offenders does!

My apologies for not having been more coherent initially!

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AskingQuestionsAllTheTime Thu 13-Aug-20 18:57:30

Gareth Pierce (of The Archers, where he has been playing Gavin Moss) has recently been cast as Todd Grimshaw for Todd's return to Coronation Street.

Seems a little like type-casting: in The Archers Gavin Moss and his father Philip are keeping slaves (aka "the horses") to work for their building company. Nasty bits of work, both characters.

PuppyMonkey Thu 13-Aug-20 19:02:42

Not the point of the thread I know, but I can’t for the life of me fathom why the character Todd should be brought back to Corrie.confused

HandsOffMyRights Thu 13-Aug-20 19:06:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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