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Previous (high impact) study touting the efficacy of Gender Reassignment Surgery for Gender Dysphoria had its results re-analyzed, correction issued

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MonsteraCheeseplant Sun 09-Aug-20 08:36:27


“Given that the study used neither a prospective cohort design nor a randomized controlled trial design, the conclusion that “the longitudinal association between gender-affirming surgery and lower use of mental health treatment lends support to the decision to provide gender-affirming surgeries to transgender individuals who seek them” is too strong.”

None of the fanfare of the Times article but it deserves more IMO.

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MonsteraCheeseplant Sun 09-Aug-20 08:38:11

I think it was re-analysed following this article criticising the claims made in the original

"New Data Show “Gender-Affirming” Surgery Doesn’t Really Improve Mental Health. So Why Are the Study’s Authors Saying It Does?"

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NotBadConsidering Sun 09-Aug-20 08:44:28


Very important.

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