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Trying to find link to funny history of trans rights "play"

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Scout2016 Mon 03-Aug-20 21:47:54

I have seen posted on mumsnet a few times a link to a blog post where the author breaks down a timeline of the unfolding debate around trans rights. It ends with anyone questioning the new terminology and why they are now being called cis women being told to shut up. It's done as a sort of play script and it's both very funny and very helpful in giving a good overview. But now I can't find it. Does anyone recognise what I am on about and if so could you link it please? Thank you.

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EmpressJKRowlingSpartacus Mon 03-Aug-20 21:51:47


Scout2016 Mon 03-Aug-20 21:54:22

Thank you @EmpressJKRowlingSpartacus Spent about 2 hours looking and first reply has it. That is exactly it. Thanks so much.

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Pepper70 Mon 03-Aug-20 22:27:33

That's a great read. I'm only ashamed I'm late to the party, finally woke up to the craziness last year. Still the more of us there are the stronger we'll be.

OhHolyJesus Mon 03-Aug-20 22:44:45

Don't worry Pepper I was late too, but we're here now...

BlueBrush Mon 03-Aug-20 22:57:14

That is excellent. Thanks for sharing!

pombear Mon 03-Aug-20 23:06:26

Pepper70 I thought I'd got here waaay late, and that was at least 2016.
I wouldn't worry if I were you, it's not a competition as to who 'woke up first', it's more a party and warm group welcoming each person who's stumbled in and realised what was going on, like many of us!

EmpressJKRowlingSpartacus Tue 04-Aug-20 06:20:42


Thank you @EmpressJKRowlingSpartacus Spent about 2 hours looking and first reply has it. That is exactly it. Thanks so much.


imhereforthesanity Tue 04-Aug-20 06:27:48

Thanks guys, glad I'm here now. I'm also a newbie to Mumsnet, well a month or two now. @pombear some of my friends think I've gone mad and I can't understand how they aren't concerned - they all have daughters!

imhereforthesanity Tue 04-Aug-20 06:28:57

By the way, I changed my name from pepper to match my 'twitter'

Scout2016 Wed 05-Aug-20 18:10:20

Finally made some time to look at the rest of that website and WOW! What a brilliant site with such a lot of well informed writing. Very impressive.

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