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Germaine Greer?

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Forgivenandsetfree Sun 02-Aug-20 23:11:27

Hi all, quite new the this board but in need of some good reading material. I've seen the name Germaine Greer on a couple of threads and was wondering what her books are about and if they've helped anyone in any way?
I've recently left a relationship and it wasn't until I had a policeman sat with me, not wanting to leave until my locks were changed, that I realised the situation I was in.
Anyway, thanks x

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rabbitwoman Sun 02-Aug-20 23:43:45

There is currently a documentary up on iplayer called Germain Bloody Greer and I highly recommend it. Its only there for a few more days, though

Melroses Sun 02-Aug-20 23:55:36

Here it is:

She wrote The Female Eunuch which was huge in the 1970s.

She was also on Women Talking About Cars on R4 this week.

If you want relationship reading, check out the relationships board, where they recommend Freedom Programme materials and Lundy Bancroft 'why does he do this' amongst others.

coffeecroissant Mon 03-Aug-20 00:31:59

I really love Germaine Greer. Lots of women find her difficult to listen to because she's definitely the type of 'pull your socks up' type of feminist. She doesn't pull any punches!!! smile But I found the female eunuch hugely illuminating and relevant to today even though it was written decades ago.

She wrote the whole woman too which was a follow up to the female eunuch, as she realised that the situation for women had not changed so much for the better by the millénium. I definitely recommend reading them.

The next book on my reading list is greers 'the change', about the menopause. Can't wait. I can always count on Germaine to offer a fresh, biting and thoughtful take on women's issues.

EBearhug Mon 03-Aug-20 00:38:23

I don't always agree with everything GG says (but then she doesn't agree with everything she's said in the past,) but she makes me think, which is always good. If you get the chance yo see her speak live, that's always good value, too.

stumbledin Mon 03-Aug-20 00:57:09

Forgivenandsetfree - I hope your situation is better now.

There are a number of women who have written books that you mind find interesting. But it can be quite individual ie what clicks with you so if you dont find Germaine Greer that interesting there are other women who have written books.

Some books like hers focus on the way's women are discriminated against. A more contemporary one if Invisible Women.

I am not sure what your personal circumstances were, but if you were with a domineering or violent partner you might find joining the Women's Aid forum and talking with other women could be helpful Or if you want support there is a live chat line

Or you can find if there is a local support service by searching their directory at

I am sure others on mumsnet could suggest other books. And I will have a think over night!

Siablue Mon 03-Aug-20 03:35:36

I would watch the documentary about her on iPlayer. It gives you an overview of her life and work and you can see what she is like as a person.

I have read the female Eunuch which is a classic book and also Shakepear’s Wife which is a biography of Anne Hathaway. She ran a brewery and made more money than her husband grin. Germaine Greer was a professor of English but she has written about a wide range of things.

I think that feminism in general can really help you after domestic abuse. Dr Jess Taylor has written about victim blaming of and has a free online course for abuse victims.

The Lundy Bancroft book is also very good.

JemimaShore Mon 03-Aug-20 04:24:40

Hi OP, Germaine Greer is a superb academic, and very thought provoking.

As far as surviving any sort of domestic abuse, I would strongly recommend checking out Dr Jess Taylor on twitter, and her book, which is pinned to the top of her tweets.

twoHopes Mon 03-Aug-20 09:04:19

I agree with a PP about not always agreeing with everything she says but it making you think. If you want to really challenge how you see the world then read her books. There are some things I read and thought were pretty wacky at the time and then ten years later realised "oh my god...she was right!".

I also like that she's willing to change her mind and admin that she's changed her mind. That kind of honesty is in short supply.

Portnlemon Mon 03-Aug-20 11:21:35

Sex and Destiny made a huge impact on me. It's quite wide ranging in the subjects it covers but very interesting.

DomDoesWotHeWants Mon 03-Aug-20 11:26:03

It's thanks to her I'm a feminist. Heard her speak at my university and promptly joined Women's Lib, as we called it then. Lucky enough to have met her a few times. Very witty and great company.

All her books are inspirational.

I am very fond of the ground on which she walks

ArabellaScott Fri 11-Sep-20 21:55:43

Yay Germaine Greer! She's the bomb. I read the Female Eunuch as a teenager, it blew my mind. Some of what she writes is outrageous nonsense - I've also read that when she was teaching she would deliberately provoke people to get them angry, because it makes them think.

NearlyGranny Fri 11-Sep-20 22:47:54

Greer is great, put her on your reading list, but right now Bancroft is your best bet. He spent 15 years working with abusive and violent men, and what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing. Bancroft will open your eyes and change your life.

BovaryX Fri 11-Sep-20 23:11:20

This link gives an accurate account of how a 20th century feminist was cancelled in the 21st century. You don't have to be a feminist to be alarmed by this. You just have to care about freedom of speech, freedom of debate.

Thelnebriati Sat 12-Sep-20 01:01:40

These are two really useful books;

Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft

The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

MissFenella Sat 12-Sep-20 22:39:47

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