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Anyone watch the Ejaculators' football cup final yesterday?

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bellinisurge Sun 02-Aug-20 11:36:49

It's not like they'd mind the term, is it?

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TransScandal Sun 02-Aug-20 11:42:33

🤣 I watched it

tiredanddangerous Sun 02-Aug-20 11:43:51

And the winner of best thread title of the week goes toooooooo.........*bellinisurge*!

DialSquare Sun 02-Aug-20 11:44:52

Me too. Went to an FA cup garden party. Woke up with a headache! I love those ejaculators in red and white!

RoBollox Sun 02-Aug-20 11:52:49

Threw my head back in laughter at that thread title!

BlackeyedSusan Sun 02-Aug-20 11:58:50

No, we were on a day out but I did catch a few overs of the box wearers england ireland match.

box wearers: well if they didn't then they would no longer be testicle havers and would magically turn into women. allegedly.

LongPauseNoReply Sun 02-Aug-20 12:00:19

I’ve taken to calling DH my ejaculator. The ejaculator I live with, my life partner is an ejaculator. Some weird looks but it’ll catch on.

bellinisurge Sun 02-Aug-20 12:01:50

@tiredanddangerous , if only I could claim credit for it! It is excellent, though.

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DuDuDuLangaLangaBingBong Sun 02-Aug-20 12:02:48

Nope, but the fireworks scared our dogs 😂

Floisme Sun 02-Aug-20 12:06:28

I quite like ejaculator footie. If only it had some proper investment....

bellinisurge Sun 02-Aug-20 12:24:41

My 50 years' lived experience as a Newcastle fan has taught me a lot about being a poor substitute for noisier versions of fandom. And what happens when I get ideas above my station.

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NeedToKnow101 Sun 02-Aug-20 12:30:35


BaronEssoStation Sun 02-Aug-20 12:34:07

Could we call the menz boxing cock fighting?

BaronEssoStation Sun 02-Aug-20 12:34:35

I might've missed the point..

Melroses Sun 02-Aug-20 12:44:48

I prefer watching the rugby matches for individuals with prostates.

They have their own leagues doncha know wink

Skyliner001 Sun 02-Aug-20 12:46:48

No, not really into football

HellonHeels Sun 02-Aug-20 12:47:13

grin grin grin

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