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Peter Tatchell Zoom seminar

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 29-Jul-20 12:19:11

"Queer Liberation: why LGBT+ equality is not enough.

The need to transform society rather than just seek equal rights within the flawed hetero-dominated status quo"

Sounds like it could be "interesting"

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KingFredsTache Wed 29-Jul-20 12:26:38

Hmmm, I wonder what sort of 'transformations' he has in mind? hmm

KingFredsTache Wed 29-Jul-20 12:29:52

Holy fucking shit, there is a video on that Twitter thread of Tatchell doubling down on the 'sex with 9 year olds is OK if they wanted it' stance!!!! Eeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!!!

lady69 Wed 29-Jul-20 12:30:16

How he has any sort of “career” i do not know.

KingFredsTache Wed 29-Jul-20 12:31:42

I can't believe he is so blatant about it! What the hell is going on?!

JamieLeeCurtains Wed 29-Jul-20 12:38:01

Has Emma Nicholson seen it yet??

NonnyMouse1337 Wed 29-Jul-20 12:49:41

Interestingly he has over 91k followers but his posts get such a miniscule number of likes in comparison. How strange.

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