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Shall we all self id as men?

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PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 21:57:34

If all the craziness continues, why don’t we all self ID as men? We don’t have to DO anything. We can dress how we want, be brave and beautiful, join the Masons (whoopee) and this would expose the madness for what it is...

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PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 21:58:22

We might even get a pay rise... 🤨

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Goawayquickly Tue 28-Jul-20 22:00:27

I’m in, I’d get an inch off my hair for a tenner rather than £50.

PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:07:13

Cheaper razors too...

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PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:08:04

Pockets in my clothes!!

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PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:08:39

We won’t turn invisible after 45!

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PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:09:25

Facial hair can stay where it grows!

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PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:11:40

Luck just kissed us hello!

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highame Tue 28-Jul-20 22:11:41

and chest hair if we're lucky

PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:13:07

Hair dye is cheaper

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PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:13:53

We can go shirtless on a hot day.

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ScrimpshawTheSecond Tue 28-Jul-20 22:14:43

We can use the black Bic pens.

PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:15:42

We can have crap hobbies!

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun Tue 28-Jul-20 22:15:51

We can walk around with our hands shoved down our pants and piss all over the toilet seat. Oh and we won't be able to see dirt s

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Tue 28-Jul-20 22:16:33

... so won't have to clean it 🙌

monkeyonthetable Tue 28-Jul-20 22:18:49

So much more leg and groin room on crowded trains.

PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:19:00

We won’t have to remember our mother’s birthday!

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monkeyonthetable Tue 28-Jul-20 22:20:08

And no one will ever shout, 'Cheer up love, it might never happen' at us ever again.

Muttonindistress Tue 28-Jul-20 22:20:18

You know, in all seriousness, I'd be tempted if they bring in self I'd. It would serve the government right if loads of women did it. I'm quite stereotypically feminine, but I could just say I'm a man who likes wearing dresses and make-up, couldn't I? I don't know how my husband would feel about being in a same sex marriage though. 😄

maidmorion Tue 28-Jul-20 22:20:22

I want all these things, where do I sign?

PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:21:02

No one will judge us if we miss Sports Day due to work commitments...

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PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:21:52

I AM being serious, Mutton.

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MegCleary Tue 28-Jul-20 22:21:52

Sounds like a protest the French would do, might be a good one.

Muttonindistress Tue 28-Jul-20 22:22:00

My husband has just come downstairs wearing my pyjamas - so maybe he'll be okay with it.

PamDenick Tue 28-Jul-20 22:22:35

And look how good the French are at protesting...

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