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Laura Farris MP on choking in sex

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tobee Sat 25-Jul-20 00:48:46

Haven't seen this posted on here:-

At the very least, I think it proves, contrary to what Laura Whittome believes, nuanced debate is very important and necessary.

For example, in the replies, someone obviously thinks they've had a mic drop moment, when they say how can it be a misogynistic act of two men engage in this. They just can't look beyond the end of their woke noses that, just because two men consent to this, that it can't still be a misogynistic act in a male - female relationship.

It's all about the kink.

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tobee Sat 25-Jul-20 01:13:16

Nadia Whittome

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HoneysuckIejasmine Sat 25-Jul-20 07:55:38

Oh FFS. This Isn't about you, consensual practitioners of choking. This is about men who choke and murder, then claim it was consensual. This is about removing that excuse.

We need to be able to discuss harmful things without NAMALT-type protests. hmm

ThinEndoftheWedge Sat 25-Jul-20 08:03:49

The Indy/Independent has turned into an utter joke.

Wondersense Sat 25-Jul-20 08:38:43

@ThinEndoftheWedge It really has. It all happened when they went online.

FannyCann Sat 25-Jul-20 08:50:07

The abusers are out in force on Laura Farris twitter, defending their right to abuse.

Singasonga Sat 25-Jul-20 15:24:12

Accidents happen in consensual "breath play" too. Back in the day, when I was a cool young "let's talk about sex" feminist during the AIDS epidemic, safe sex practices were aimed at all sorts of communities and sex acts. I remember advice supporting all sorts of interests - including how to practice coprophilia safely - but breath play was specifically discouraged because it was so difficult to de-risk.

These days no risk is too much for an incrementally more exciting orgasm, apparently.

SapatSea Sat 25-Jul-20 16:14:18

Men's Health has an article on incorporating choking into your sex "play".

I despair.

FannyCann Sat 25-Jul-20 16:42:51

I'm just sickened at all the replies to Laura's tweet. All the chokers crawling out of the woodwork to defend their nasty perversion.
*starts countdown to when they rock up here....

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