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The High Low podcast June 17 episode

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Fanthorpe Mon 20-Jul-20 09:03:18

I did a search and couldn’t find a thread but apologies if it’s already been discussed. I just listened to the episode and was really taken aback by the discussion about JKR’s original statement as Pandora Sykes says that Rowling ‘conflates sex and gender’ in her statement. I’ve never heard that take on what she said before and I cannot understand why PS might have got to that.
They recommend listening to trans voices, particularly Bergdorf and Dawson. They go on to discuss the Seahorse documentary but only in relation to the pregnancy/birth aspect of it, which was again quite disturbing because it distilled the idea of the film into ‘person gives birth’ rather than discuss the dysphoria involved.

I’m not an habitual listener, I actually wanted to hear what they had to say about ‘I May Destroy You’.

I feel quite depressed that two young women with such voices in the media have these views.

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NearlyGranny Mon 20-Jul-20 11:54:19

I thought the thrust of what JKR says is that sex and gender are distinct and different things. That's how I read it. Sex is real, biological, objective and immutable. Gender is individual, mutable and subjective.

The problems begin when sex and gender are conflated!

SunshineThelma Mon 20-Jul-20 12:05:03

I'm a regular listener to their podcast and found that episode thoroughly disappointing.

Fanthorpe Mon 20-Jul-20 12:08:59

Thank you. It was maddening! Can’t understand how they don’t find MB problematical.

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Collidascope Mon 20-Jul-20 12:14:31

I've not listened to it but it takes some cheek for trans rights activists to accuse others of conflating sex and gender when they have literally decided to take words that have biological meanings (woman, female, she, her) and have decided they now refer to anyone with a feminine gender identity, and that all the sex-based rights need to translate across to become feminine gender-based rights. With no consultation, no democratic process - just using lobbying and online bullying.
Really fucking disingenuous.

IDanielRadcliffe Mon 20-Jul-20 12:45:11

This episode was the final straw for me to stop listening. They are very woke anyway but this tipped me over the edge! Dolly just sighing over JKR like she was some kind of dinosaur was so irritating.

Fanthorpe Mon 20-Jul-20 12:50:05

Yes, there was a kind of ‘they know not what they do’ tone.

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