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No one seems to be talking about this...

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DandyMandy Wed 15-Jul-20 18:24:03

I'm not a fan of the daily mail, but they seem to be one of the only newspapers talking about this. The rest of the mainstream media are ignoring this tragedy. This young woman was killed for apparently saying "All Lives Matter" and now people are commenting disgusting things on her Facebook profile. The shooter has not been caught yet. Yet another woman's life lost to violence.

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Finfintytint Wed 15-Jul-20 18:29:04

It’s very sad. Murder is not a solution to her racist attitude.

Bourbonbiccy Wed 15-Jul-20 18:30:54

That's is really sad, violence is not the answer to ignorance.

Winesalot Wed 15-Jul-20 18:33:44

It is very sad indeed. And probably a version of the actual truth. It is always hard to justify murder.

transdimensional Wed 15-Jul-20 18:50:25

I heard about this too. I guess it may be true that it has been underreported but in the US there are an average of 40 to 50 murders per day so I wouldn't expect us to hear about very many of them from the UK media

ThousandsAreSailing Wed 15-Jul-20 18:51:55

Always hard to justify murdershock
You can't justify murder. Use words not violence

Finfintytint Wed 15-Jul-20 19:03:02

Privately I may wish a horrible end to this vile racist but I would never action or even vocalise this. Nasty, nasty woman but murder is not proportionate.

MyOwnSummer Wed 15-Jul-20 19:13:20

@finfintytint wtf? A woman dies horribly just because she said something that someone doesn't like and you come out with that?

Isn't the whole point about the reaction to GFs murder that he had done awful things but nobody deserves to be murdered and such crimes are absolutely appalling?

And here you are saying that you would wish death on someone for their words or beliefs?

BobbieDraper Wed 15-Jul-20 19:17:05

Both groups had guns; they all pulled guns on each other. The girl was walking along saying the N word, was confronted and then said all lives matter and they all pulled guns on each other.

Her group said that they settled the argument and all walked away and then they were shot at shortly after.

If you walk around with guns, and pull them on people, you can expect to be shot.

Its very sad; murder and violence are not the answer but this isnt you classic "male violence against women". This is 2 groups if people carrying guns, one group being vocally racist and someone ending up dead. No one comes out covered in glory.

DidoLamenting Wed 15-Jul-20 19:20:22

Privately I may wish a horrible end to this vile racist but I would never action or even vocalise this. Nasty, nasty woman but murder is not proportionate

She said "all lives matter". That does not make her a "vile racist"

There are some truly vile people in the BLM movement ( for the record I am not going to accept being harangued and lectured at by a bunch of dangerously misguided Marxists) and "Black Lives Matter" has been appropriated by some utterly vile people- some of them on this forum.

Finfintytint Wed 15-Jul-20 19:29:09

Myownsummer, think you’ve misunderstood. I can think whatever I like. If it involves private thoughts about what should happen to a racist, then that’s fine. It remains private and never vocalised or acted apon.
I don’t like plenty of racist tripe. Doesn’t mean I’ll ever react to it.
I don’t wish death on anyone. That was pretty clear.

Ereshkigalangcleg Wed 15-Jul-20 21:05:16

Ramirez said someone in their group used a 'slang version of the N-word' before they were confronted by strangers passing by and an argument broke out. 

It says someone in the group used the N word. You can't just assume it was her. This was murder. I've seen people who don't understand what "all lives matter" means in context, say it in innocence.

MyOwnSummer makes a good point. There is never justification for murder.

Dervel Wed 15-Jul-20 21:14:34

Yup this what I was afraid of. The push to making the use of language “literal violence” makes the use of lethal force a defense and justifiable act.

BertiesLanding Wed 15-Jul-20 22:01:34

It exposes the hidden prejudice and hatred in any group (however formal or informal) that defines itself as "anti" anything.

JemimaShore Wed 15-Jul-20 22:35:59

Jeez though - to shoot her for that? Kill someone!?

I'm no ally to the 'all lives matters" brigade, but murder can't be justified because some person used some words. Even that word.

Teaching kids "sticks & stones" has really gone out of fashion now, I guess. And a lot of Americans have guns.

JemimaShore Wed 15-Jul-20 22:40:27

Have the US legalised murder on the street by vigilantes because they use disgusting racial slurs? I wasn't aware of it.

CousinKrispy Wed 15-Jul-20 23:46:17

So according to the story everyone in both groups whipped out their guns as they started to argue. Who knows what the argument was really about, unfortunately you can be shot in the course of a road rage incident in the US. I'm American. I'm sick of gun violence and if the US had proper gun control, there would be far fewer needless deaths.

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