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more gender critical epiphanies

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Stealhsquirrelnutkin Sat 11-Jul-20 22:30:20

One of the most powerful threads on the old gender critical reddit site was the one where new members described how they first became aware of the threat that the cult of transgenderism poses to the rights and safety of women and children.

It was fascinating to read the many and varied journeys that different people took to reach the same place. So many different stories, with several recurring themes. Nearly everyone started out defending the rights of transsexuals, angry at what they perceived as the bigoted hatred of the right wing, homophobic, religious transphobes and their pearl clutching terven acolytes, devoted to inciting violence against the most oppressed people imaginable, and dedicated to denying transsexuals their most basic human rights, the right to exist.

In many ways it reminded me of our own Transwidows support threads, all those different experiences, yet such a surprising number of similarities. Also, how eye opening it was to read all those different experiences, truly educational i.e. capable of uprooting lazy assumptions, and changing peoples minds.

I think that thread was probably the main reason that the gendercritical subreddit got banned, despite their never having broken any of the administrative rules. 65 thousand people found it and joined the sub, and their numbers were growing even more quickly after ordinary people went to check for themselves what vile transphobic abuse JK Rowling had been spouting, only to find they agreed with every word she wrote. Many of them were young lesbians, and their stories were particularly poignant.

Every day there'd be another new person, introducing themselves and mentioning that they'd found the sub while searching the internet for information about JKRs transphobic crimes, and how relieved they were to realise that they weren't alone, that other people had seen the same patterns and reached the same conclusions. That there were other decent people out there who felt the same way, when they'd assumed they were completely isolated.

Which is why it's such a massive relief to see that the moderators on the new site have reestablished the thread, and many new posts have already been added. It is growing every day and is well worth keeping an eye on.

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PaulaPennyfeather Sun 12-Jul-20 09:00:48

Thanks for posting this! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it (and maybe even contributing).

Lamahaha Sun 12-Jul-20 09:16:14

I just joined -- thanks for posting. I never posted on the GC Reddit, but I did look into in now and again and I am furious that it was taken down. Let's build it up again.

TheSingingKettle49 Sun 12-Jul-20 09:26:13

For myself I’ve never been of the #bekind mindset because I could always see that being kind to one set of people could negatively affect another group.

So the first time I met a transsexual (as they used to be called) over 20 years ago I thought to myself “why the fuck would any man want to be a woman?” and I could only assume either mental illness or sexual fantasy, and neither are a good enough excuse to invade women’s safe spaces in my opinion.

I did also think that surely trans people would know that they are not really the sex they’re dressing up as, so surely they would never try to enter women’s sport or work in roles reserved for women like in a rape crisis centre, surely that’s just common sense? Surely when you transition you realise you are opting out of competitive sport or that you have a huge advantage over actual women? But no, Caitlin Jenner accepts a woman of the year award with no shame at all and that was what made me angry.

I genuinely thought when people said TWAW that they were just being polite, I didn’t think anyone actually believed it.

So now we’re in a place in the world where a group of men have opted themselves into a group they’re describing as “the most vulnerable of all groups” - while other groups can’t opt themselves out of oppression no matter what they sincerely believe and we’re debating what the word woman means. It’s pure manipulation and men taking what they want and controlling women.

R0wantrees Sun 12-Jul-20 09:28:39

Previous thread, OP Glinner wrote,

"Help a brother out
Hello, you coven of squints far right Nazi witches!

I'd like to collect some anecdotes about when and why you first became involved in the debate about gender ideology and activism. I've also asked on Twitter but thought this might be good for longer answers.

Please tell me your stories!"

27 pages of reponses follow

EdgeOfACoin Sun 12-Jul-20 10:06:20

The old Reddit / saidit stories are quite illuminating regarding AGP.

From what I can see, it's difficult to discuss the issue on Mumsnet without the entire thread being deleted. AGP is more openly recognised on the other boards.

Stealhsquirrelnutkin Mon 13-Jul-20 14:07:50

From what I can see, it's difficult to discuss the issue on Mumsnet without the entire thread being deleted. AGP is more openly recognised on the other boards.

Yes, and I will never forget how LangCleg was permanently banned for repeatedly drawing attention to the pattern of new threats to child safeguarding.

When airing concerns about child safeguarding is enough to get people banned from a parenting website it become obvious that something very sinister has taken hold.

So it makes sense to set up alternative discussion forums. The digital scold's bridal will not succeed in silencing women, no matter how fervently our silence is desired.

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