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#GenderCritical Radical Feminist community, formerly on Reddit, soon to be in our own space.

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stumbledin Mon 06-Jul-20 19:04:50

Follow for updates. #RedditHatesWomen #ForTheSisterhood

From facebook:

“We are the mods of the radical feminist subreddit r/GenderCritical. Since we were banned by Reddit we have been working hard to get our community together again. We are happy to announce that, with some amazing new volunteers, we are busily working on a new site which will restore our opportunity to speak freely about issues that concern women, including male violence, prostitution, pornography – and the growing impacts of gender identity upon women’s hard-won rights. It will have the format we enjoyed before, but this time, we will own the website and the data. No one will be able to take it from us again. It will be bigger in scope than r/gendercritical. If you're looking for a new home for your community, it may be an option for you. We are working out the details. Please note: we are NOT raising any funds at this time.”
Follow for more updates here:

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nauticant Mon 06-Jul-20 19:14:50

Sounds very promising. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

endofthelinefinally Mon 06-Jul-20 19:18:58

I hope it won't take everyone away from MN. This board has been so important in raising awareness among women who would otherwise have no idea about this topic. I include myself in that number.

OhHolyJesus Mon 06-Jul-20 19:20:13

This is very exciting. Place marking as not on twitter or Reddit and so will watch here for updates and sign up when it's launched.

MonsteraCheeseplant Mon 06-Jul-20 19:21:19

Oh, interesting. The more spaces, sunlight, publicity of GC narrative the better IMO.

dolorsit Mon 06-Jul-20 19:23:10

Good luck to them.

I don't see why it would take anything away from Mumsnet.

CistitisStings Mon 06-Jul-20 19:24:22

I agree, @endofthelinefinally. I also would have had no idea had it not been for MN. But with any luck the new platform and Mumsnet can exist symbiotically as the realisation takes hold with more people.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Mon 06-Jul-20 19:27:13

Also placemarking for any updates. Look forward to seeing what they offer.

stumbledin Mon 06-Jul-20 19:27:44

Posted because I thought it was good to know they haven't been silenced.

And also good to know there is more than mumsnet for gender critical comment eg Spinster and what ever this will be!

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Winesalot Mon 06-Jul-20 19:42:12

Looking Forward to seeing it.

JKRismyhero Mon 06-Jul-20 19:48:16

Excellent to know they're not admitting defeat.

Annasgirl Mon 06-Jul-20 19:51:36

This is great news. I love being in here and have never been on Reddit - I thought it was full of ‘incels’ - but it is good there are more spaces for women online especially due to the misogyny and abuse poured over women on Twitter and in the comments sections of the MSM sites.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Mon 06-Jul-20 20:25:02

I'd never used reddit - but, if I'd known there were women's groups, TALKING to each other I'd have popped in.

will join in the new place.

they can't silence us all.

Lamahaha Mon 06-Jul-20 20:28:52

I had a look now and again on the GC reddit forum but it didn't appeal to me as a community. I'll certainly check this out.

EmbarrassingAdmissions Mon 06-Jul-20 20:31:14

I don't want to split myself across social media. However, given what's happening to feminist discussion spaces, it's essential to have several to cope with the DOS attacks, complaints to host companies etc.

I'll keep an eye on how it plays out.

BoatyKarenMcKarenface Mon 06-Jul-20 20:31:29

Place marking.

KingOfDogShite Mon 06-Jul-20 20:32:19

I’m in smile

ScrimpshawTheSecond Mon 06-Jul-20 20:40:14

Excellent, well done those women!

Ereshkigalangcleg Mon 06-Jul-20 21:16:04

Brilliant, I will join but won't be leaving MN

NearlyGranny Mon 06-Jul-20 21:42:35

Room for both, I say. And I, too, avoided Reddit thinking it was the haunt of incels.

MonsteraCheeseplant Mon 06-Jul-20 21:55:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

yellowsunset Mon 06-Jul-20 22:11:18

They've banned the pcos subreddit too sad. Which has probably peaked loads more women, the opposite effect to what they want.

Kettlingur Mon 06-Jul-20 22:22:02

Excellent news.

And wait, why have they banned the pros subreddit???

Kettlingur Mon 06-Jul-20 22:22:23

Pcos. Autocorrect isn't my friend.

yellowsunset Mon 06-Jul-20 22:26:32


Excellent news.

And wait, why have they banned the pros subreddit???

The women refused to use inclusive language like "men have ovaries" and upset transwomen with how they described their bodies and actual female issues.

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