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Caitlin Moran - a bit more interesting than usual today

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ErrolTheDragon Sat 04-Jul-20 18:24:29

Usually her Saturday times columns are quite fluffy, but ... well, I guess judging by what she's written the real Caitlin is emerging.

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SomeHalfHumanCreatureThing Sat 04-Jul-20 18:29:18

I love her

SomeHalfHumanCreatureThing Sat 04-Jul-20 18:31:29

I think she's been like this all along though, tbh.


Bowednotbroken Sat 04-Jul-20 18:32:18

I thought so too - a recognition of biology isn't what I've come to expect from CM, so this was a pleasant surprise. Still frustrating to see refs to gender rather than sex though.

AbsintheFriends Sat 04-Jul-20 18:35:39

She's saying it without saying it. Or, I'm hoping, preparing the ground... grin

partystress Sat 04-Jul-20 18:41:34

Sums up my experience perfectly (minus the recreational drugs in the 90s!)

The anger I feel is what I should be feeling given the s*#%tfest of a clusterf#%k we are living in. Things are going backwards for girls and women. Economic inequality is growing not reducing. Political corruption is something just to be laughed off. More kids in poverty, more kids exploited, and the internet, which could have been such a force for good, is an incel-ridden cesspit.

Maybe the TRAs have got it right. Maybe we should put all men on high dose oestrogen and then we'd have less to be angry about.

WeetabixBananaHipsterFFS Sat 04-Jul-20 18:48:47

Is it just me reading this and completely unable to relate? confused

ErrolTheDragon Sat 04-Jul-20 18:56:04

I'm sure not every woman has the same reaction to their own hormones and the changes that result during and after menopause. I mean, I'm not sure I was ever that nice (but then, maybe PCOS messed up my 'drugging'grin)

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Siablue Sat 04-Jul-20 18:58:28

A whole column about women and their biology. I am not old enough to relate. Happily no one on the comments has told her off.

Beamur Sat 04-Jul-20 19:03:31

I quite like the prospect of Caitlin Moran becoming furious and menopausal. I think it could be very interesting!

PerpetuallyUnderwhelmed Sat 04-Jul-20 19:04:35

I really dislike her but this was wonderful! Nobody on twitter mentioning the unashamed articulation of biological fact?!

ValancyRedfern Sat 04-Jul-20 19:09:12

I don't relate to this at all. I've been angry since I was about 15! The only similarity I'd say is that when I was younger I turned my anger in on myself (in the form of eating disorders) and now I have a more healthy outward focused anger.

Roseburn Sat 04-Jul-20 19:09:13

Oestrogen, the compliancy hormone?
Long gone here.

eurochick Sat 04-Jul-20 19:10:03

I love the not GAF of perimenopause. I completely relate to the stuff she says about not feeling the need to nice any more.

And this is interesting. Could there be a chink of light in the wokeness?
"These can be years of great upheaval in nuclear families: teenage children whispering, “Mum’s turned into a total bitch,” husbands distressed by their wives suddenly shouting about equality and feminism and “everything being different from now on”."

JellySlice Sat 04-Jul-20 19:10:14

Bloody hell, yes!

PMT for me was like in vino veritas. My feminine Be Nice filter would break down under the influence of PMT, and I would be bluntly, brutally honest.

Oh I recognised myself during peri and meno. Thank god for HRT. I get to keep the PMT clarity, without the PMT rage.

DidoLamenting Sat 04-Jul-20 19:12:54

Is it just me reading this and completely unable to relate?

No, me too. It's as piffling and as "me, me,me " as always including the obligatory " ooh I'm mad I am" in her tedious showing off that she once took illegal drugs.

ErrolTheDragon Sat 04-Jul-20 19:13:30

A couple of times in those meno years the GP asked about symptoms including iirc moodiness or some such word. To which I replied 'no', but thought... yeah, but the family is being more irritating nowadays.grin

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ValancyRedfern Sat 04-Jul-20 19:15:16

In fact I really resent the implication that female hormones make women 'nicer', more tolerant and more optimistic.

JellySlice Sat 04-Jul-20 19:17:03

I never took drugs, but I still recognise what she describes.

TheBluePineapple Sat 04-Jul-20 19:28:24

I want to go drinking with her. I don’t drink but that’s fine, she can drink and I can listen. She’s just described my life. The life I couldn’t describe to my DH.
She smiled at me once. I went all unnecessary and liked away.

DuDuDuLangaLangaBingBong Sat 04-Jul-20 19:28:26


A couple of times in those meno years the GP asked about symptoms including iirc moodiness or some such word. To which I replied 'no', but thought... yeah, but the family is being more irritating nowadays.grin


I’ve long had an internal battle between nice me and not so nice me, perhaps because I eschewed all synthetic hormone contraceptives two decades ago and have learned to roll with my natural cycle (a few days before I’m due on is a GREAT time for knocking out partition walls or cutting down trees) but I have definitely felt the tip towards not giving a fuck more and more of the time as Perimenopause has gone on.

I do hope this is a sign of Moran giving less of a fuck about being nice too - I’ve said before that I love the mum character, Della, in Moran’s Raised By Wolves sitcom, there is absolutely no way that Della wouldn’t be a bit tervey.

HatMancock Sat 04-Jul-20 19:28:47

I've just turned 45 and read her column in the bath today, it was brilliant, summed everything up for me as a SAHM. This is my favourite paragraph from the article.

Catmaiden Sat 04-Jul-20 19:29:16

I think reaching perimenopause definitely made me lose my generic, conditioned "be kind" filter, of younger years. smile

And I was a kick ass feminist, in a male dominated profession, seen as a trailblazing woman during my entire working life.

Yet still, conditioned, apparently confused

Yes, of course I was still kind, but only when it was warrented.

And yes, it infuriates a lot of men.

Hence the hate aimed at so called "dried up old hags" angry etc, who no longer gaf. You only have to see some of the vitriol aimed at women of a certain age, on Twitter angry

But it could just be an age related thing, rather than hormonal?

After all, by around 45 - 55 ish, perhaps women have just had enough of the #bekind stuff?

HatMancock Sat 04-Jul-20 19:29:47

And I am definitely a huge ball of rage at the moment, lockdown with two young children isn't helping!

bishopgiggles Sat 04-Jul-20 19:30:29

our conception of the menopause – something that happened in 1962 to Ena Sharples, which she referenced only by mouthing “troubles down below” to Minnie Caldwell

This made me chuckle

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