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PhilomenaRumple Thu 02-Jul-20 10:55:33

Google/DuckDuckGo ‘Women murdered in 2020’
What results do you get?

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OhHolyJesus Thu 02-Jul-20 11:06:17

Not sure about those but here's Ecosia
PN third one down angry

PhilomenaRumple Thu 02-Jul-20 11:08:30

Ecosia’s not been captured yet... 😂

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TheBirdsAndTheGreatMysteriousW Thu 02-Jul-20 11:11:27

2 top stories of trans women, most results about trans. Taken a screenshot but can’t see an option to upload.

PhilomenaRumple Thu 02-Jul-20 11:13:37

It’s so so so so depressing.

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PhilomenaRumple Thu 02-Jul-20 11:14:20

We’re being replaced

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Over600Ecalypts Thu 02-Jul-20 11:20:26

DuckDuckGo was a mix for me but mostly women.

Whatsnewpussyhat Thu 02-Jul-20 11:21:44

Nevermind the 30 women in the UK murdered during lockdown alone.

TheBirdsAndTheGreatMysteriousW Thu 02-Jul-20 11:23:29


We’re being replaced

It’s so much more.
Women are just a subset of humanity. We’re being dehumanised.

Knowhowufeel2 Thu 02-Jul-20 11:28:38

This is what comes up for me

Knowhowufeel2 Thu 02-Jul-20 11:29:47

This is the second part of the page (from top to bottom)

Knowhowufeel2 Thu 02-Jul-20 11:30:59

Ans this is the last bit, including some of the next page

Knowhowufeel2 Thu 02-Jul-20 11:35:34

If I type 'females murdered 2020' into Google only articles no.7 and no.9 are about TW, the rest are about women.

TheBirdsAndTheGreatMysteriousW Thu 02-Jul-20 12:44:59

Females is what the father from Friday night dinner calls women. It’s derogatory. Female could refer to any species, but as we’re human, it’s girls and women. Humanise us.

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