JKR quick snap shot

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BewilderedOwl Tue 30-Jun-20 23:18:27

Hi, trying to get hold of a snap shot of the compilation of awful tweets JKR got from her tweets recently. Speaking to a friend, engaging in the conversation but can't bloody find it despite looking on threads!

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Tereskova Tue 30-Jun-20 23:22:30

This: medium.com/*@rebeccarc*/j-k-rowling-and-the-trans-activists-a-story-in-screenshots-78e01dca68d ?

BewaretheIckabog Tue 30-Jun-20 23:24:59

This was mild compared to many others but effective.

Purpledaisies10 Tue 30-Jun-20 23:27:07

Here’s a few I saw posted.

Purpledaisies10 Tue 30-Jun-20 23:28:22

Cross post, here’s some more

BewilderedOwl Tue 30-Jun-20 23:40:01

Thank you. Was discussing with a friend who has recently had a little girl (gorgeous). A lot of light has been shed and she has said her husband really had his eyes opened by having a daughter.
I have recently started reading the board, I can see what my mum was saying now, I will continue to read and learn as much as I can.

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wellbehavedwomen Tue 30-Jun-20 23:46:01

A lot of women seem to have had eyes opened by what happened to Rowling. And men. The more abusive the extremist TRAs become, the more aware other people do, too.


Trailing1 Wed 01-Jul-20 07:46:07

Those tweets are shocking angry

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