Glinner yesterday in Daily Telegraph... shocking!

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loveyouradvice Tue 30-Jun-20 15:19:17

I recognise I may be cross posting but couldnt spot another one.

What is most shocking is their very selective reporting of Mumsnet to demonstrate how "anti-glinner" we are and to support the fact they are positioning him as anti-trans not pro women... Shoddy journalism. Unbalanced and pernicious.

How did Graham Linehan, the creator of Father Ted, become the most hated man on the internet?
The writer's battle with trans activists has cost him his Twitter account and many friends. And it all began with an episode of The IT Crowd
Tom Fordy

Linehan is also the co-creator and/or writer of popular comedies The IT Crowd, Black Books, Big Train and Motherland. But his more recent position, at the centre of the trans debate’s most toxic area, has been deeply unfunny. Now Linehan has been permanently suspended from Twitter...

Linehan also caused upset when he compared treatment for trans kids to Nazi experiments. In December 2018 he opposed a Big Lottery Fund grant of £500,000 to trans kids charity Mermaids and encouraged Mumsnet users to complain (“Mumsnetters Assemble!” he wrote). A counter campaign was set up by popular gamer Hbomberguy – real name Harry Brewis – which raised a further £264,000 for Mermaids...

After being suspended from Twitter Linehan took to Mumsnet. In a bizarre, 3.16am post, he complained that he’d violated new rules by using the word “groomer” (“A phrase Twitter recently decided was Not Allowed”) and said that Twitter has “a high-percentage of trans-identified employees” who are silencing feminists and allies who don’t adhere to anti-misgendering rules. There was an ironic backlash as the Mumsnetters assembled.

“This is a female space and I don’t think an entitled male should keep barging in here every time he needs something from us,” said one. “Sorry who are you and why should I care that you’ve been banned from Twitter? You seem to be a man from the looks of it so why are you posting in the feminism forum? This is a female space,” replied another.

Since the suspension, Linehan has been on Parler encouraging “all those who care about free speech” to delete their Twitter.

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SunsetBeetch Tue 30-Jun-20 15:21:10

Oh ffs!

PerfectPenquins Tue 30-Jun-20 15:22:43

yea I was pissed they reported mostly troll posts and loads that are now deleted. If they did it now then it would be a completely different story!

Eveta Tue 30-Jun-20 15:26:59

Typical lies on reporting from the daily telegraph. The majority were / are in support of glimmer posting here. And the account on Parler they are referring to is a fake unverrified account. Which they haven't bothered to check before making allegations about him.

risefromyourgrave Tue 30-Jun-20 15:27:23

They were crowing about ‘not even mumsnet wants him’ on Reddit earlier. I did correct them (for what good it would do) but now I have deactivated my account and I’m not going back on to see how many people have called me the ‘T’ word.

JamieLeeCurtains Tue 30-Jun-20 15:28:27

That's a massive misrepresentation of the MN thread!

QED Tom Fordy is a bit of a shit writer. Glinner, otoh, isn't. It's probably jealousy on Fordy's part.

Zoikes Tue 30-Jun-20 15:28:37

These trolling phony setups are becoming very frequent here now, we must be doing something right grin

The bullshit posts quoted were deleted so quickly and yet the screenshots just keep popping up hmm - hopefully this will increase traffic to mumsnet. Sunlight...


GrossePois Tue 30-Jun-20 15:33:17

Things are taking an even darker turn. sad

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 30-Jun-20 15:39:22

@Glinner wine you are clearly doing something right

PuppyLove2000 Tue 30-Jun-20 15:41:11

You know what, this is a crock of shit but it's fine, Glinner knows he is welcome here, the Trolls think we don't want him. Nancy Drew seal of approval for Glinner.
Tom Fordy is an unreadable spiteful twat.

PuppyLove2000 Tue 30-Jun-20 15:43:15


flowersstar winegin glitterball

RoyalCorgi Tue 30-Jun-20 15:47:48

The worst bit of that is the misrepresentation of the MN thread. Most of the people attacking Glinner on that thread were trolls who had just joined that day for that very purpose. Most of us on here support Glinner.

WhatAWonderfulDay Tue 30-Jun-20 15:47:55

I liked this part:

Linehan has argued that trans activism has aggressively shut down debates, de-platformed, and attacked women such as academics Kathleen Stock, Jane Clare Jones, Meghan Murphy and Magdalen Berns. Linehan has blamed trans ideology and activism for being misogynistic and erasing women’s rights. He has claimed there’s a conflict between trans rights and women’s hard-earned sex-based rights. He's been especially vocal about biological females giving up safe spaces to share with female-identifying persons.

HollowTalk Tue 30-Jun-20 15:48:11

Glinner is very welcome here. Anyone who's on the side of women is welcome.

donnerundblitzen Tue 30-Jun-20 15:54:35

I dunno, on the one hand there's the selective quotes and some bits that read like Glinner-bashing, but there were also a lot of mentions of women's rights in that article (and how they might conflict at times with trans rights) and some good names to Google, including Dr Stock, Magdalen and even Meghan Murphy. And it touched on the potential dangers of medical transition of children too. Interesting...

Imnobody4 Tue 30-Jun-20 16:03:36

Tom Fordy is a London-based writer. He is former men's magazine editor and is now works as a lifestyle and entertainment journalist and opinionated beard for hire.
Amazing what trash passes for journalism these days.
Glinner is very welcome here.

ForbiddenFromNaples Tue 30-Jun-20 16:04:59

Straight up hatchet job. Would have expected less from The Guardian

Helias Tue 30-Jun-20 16:06:03

Love how they tell the story of this epic descent and how far the mighty has fallen, and the final straw is "now Linehan has been permanently suspended from Twitter." (!!!!! shock )

The only surprising thing about anyone getting suspended from Twitter for wrongspeak these days is that it's an actual man. I suspect that many people would end up finding themselves happier without Twitter.

JamieLeeCurtains Tue 30-Jun-20 16:07:18

Whatever the decent points, I really don't like the lazy mischaracterisation of the Mumsnet thread.

It's not just bad journalism ... it's something else. Almost like Fordy was fed those screenshots within seconds, or knew about them in some other way, and couldn't arsed to (or didn't want to) research the context properly.

Mammatino Tue 30-Jun-20 16:08:01

I read that thread with interest, it seemed pretty grateful to glinner for being brave enough to keep poking his head up. Perhaps I read a different thread to the reporter? I’ve read the subsequent threads and been really pleased to see some of the really interesting thought provoking discourse that seems to have spilled over from it. It’s been very interesting to hear people In RL discuss this too, if it hadn’t have been for glinnergate I don’t think we would be having those conversations. I’m glad I am.

BovaryX Tue 30-Jun-20 16:09:43

What a pathetic article. Shame on the Telegraph. And as for the total misrepresentation of this forum's response? Fake news.

ArriettyJones Tue 30-Jun-20 16:20:01

Nobody can say @glinner hasn’t had an effect. wine

ShirleyPhallus Tue 30-Jun-20 16:20:25


The worst bit of that is the misrepresentation of the MN thread. Most of the people attacking Glinner on that thread were trolls who had just joined that day for that very purpose. Most of us on here support Glinner.

This really fucked me off, I hopped on to twitter to point this out a bit and got blocked by a bunch of TRAs 🤷‍♀️

MondayYogurt Tue 30-Jun-20 16:26:16

Many forums I have been on have a requirement for new users to post in good faith for a certain number of times before being allowed to start threads, or to post on certain hot button

I see no reason why this can't be the same here.

ArriettyJones Tue 30-Jun-20 16:29:37

I’ve never heard of Parler. Is this journalist correct to characterise it as a right wing platform? Or is it more a bastion of free speech?

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