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Another transitioning policy at work one

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CherrySphinx Thu 25-Jun-20 23:20:37

Long time lurker, first time poster...
I’ve read the civil service trans policy thread but I couldn’t find if there was a final outcome/resolution hence starting this thread. I work in the public sector.

I looked up the transitioning at work policy which applies to anyone who self identifies. In it, it states that trans people can use whatever facilities they feel comfortable with. The policy has been screened and signed off as not requiring an equality impact assessment. I’ve been able to raise this with HR (anonymously), asking if this effectively removes single sex provision of toilets and changing areas and asking what consideration was given to the other protected characteristics of sex and religion/religious belief under EA2010. I’ve also asked if any risk assessments have been carried out.

Facilities still have single sex signs on doors and will probably continue to do so as the policy recommends going gender neutral only as and when estate is refurbished.

I’m awaiting a reply but I don’t know what they will come back with. I’m hoping for a full EIA and risk assessment but what will happen ‘on the ground’ I don’t know. If anyone has got any advice/experience to share while I wait for a response that would be much appreciated. Thanks

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SerenityNowwwww Thu 25-Jun-20 23:23:36

Cheeky buggers! Fingers crossed they wake up - this nonsense is getting worse.

OhHolyJesus Fri 26-Jun-20 08:17:50

You can also find out who their insurer is as they should inform them of the change (esp on the mixed sex toilets), building regs obvs need to sign off on changes made.

We're staff informed of any changes to working on the office due to Covid? It might now be a one in, one our politics on toilets. HR should issue that info.

As the government aren't changing the GRA to Self ID, they are operating a corporate policy that is not aligned with government law.

CherrySphinx Fri 26-Jun-20 17:48:04

I'll have a look and see if there are any other policies that toilets/changing room provision falls under. While looking for something on the intranet today I noticed that the transitioning policy has been taken off line which is encouraging.

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Ereshkigalangcleg Fri 26-Jun-20 17:53:17

In the work place communal staff toilets are required to be single sex. This is covered by the Health and Safety at Work Act, I think, rather than just the Equality Act.

PearPickingPorky Fri 26-Jun-20 17:54:24

Has that been taken down since you emailed HR, OP? If so, that was quick.

InspiralCoalescenceRingdown Fri 26-Jun-20 20:09:05

It looks like the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 is relevant here.

separate rooms containing conveniences are provided for men and women except where and so far as each convenience is in a separate room the door of which is capable of being secured from inside

VickyEadieofThigh Fri 26-Jun-20 20:41:14

My experience of taking this up with more than one organisation suggests that Stonewall (or similar,though I can't imagine who) advised that no impact or risk assessments are "necessary or appropriate".

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