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Would you vote Conservative at the next election?

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cheeseismydownfall Tue 23-Jun-20 07:21:13

Obviously this question isn't really relevant if you vote Conservative anyway!

Over my 25-odd year voting history I have voted Lib Dem, Labour and Green. I consider myself left wing and would never have considered a Tory vote. But if the principle parties maintain their current positions on women's rights then for the first time ever I will consider a Conservative vote at the next election - not simply because this one issue trumps everything else (although I personally feel very strongly about it, education, health and the environment are still hugely important to me) but because I simply don't trust the critical thinking skills of any party who have allowed themselves to be so thoroughly hijacked by the trans rights agenda and attempt to silence dissenting voices.

Anyone else feel this way?

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LorenzoVonMatterhorn Tue 23-Jun-20 07:25:40

But they're Untrustworthy liars Out for themselves. We have seen it over and over again. Would you really vote for a man who is a lying racist and Misogynist?

Helmetbymidnight Tue 23-Jun-20 07:26:31

i wouldnt dream of it.

Quillink Tue 23-Jun-20 07:27:11

Labour have lost me but it's unlikely that I would vote conservative in a GE. If my conservative candidate was particularly strong on women's protections I might consider it in local elections.

ProfessorRadcliffeEmerson Tue 23-Jun-20 07:27:24

No. I want competence and integrity.

ChaToilLeam Tue 23-Jun-20 07:27:49

No. Even under these circumstances they will not get my vote.

joystir59 Tue 23-Jun-20 07:28:59

Nope. Worst of all evils.

joystir59 Tue 23-Jun-20 07:29:34

The Tories don't give a shit about womens rights

Wizadorawobble Tue 23-Jun-20 07:31:04


KaptainKaveman Tue 23-Jun-20 07:35:22

If you vote for the tories you're voting for people who endorse racism, sexism and the class divide.

Puppymummy20 Tue 23-Jun-20 07:38:37

No. They have the blood of tens of thousands - and counting - on their hands for the way they’ve mismanaged the COVID crisis and we are among the worst-affected in the world. For that alone I could never vote for them. Add in the lies, Brexit, more lies, the complete contempt for the poor and vulnerable, lies, child poverty, the defunding of women’s refuges and councils being unable to provide basic essential services... no, never.

But I won’t vote Labour (former party member of long standing) or Lib Dem either until they sort themselves out and work out what a woman is. Or at least stop persecuting and expelling those who do know, and allow a proper debate.

cheeseismydownfall Tue 23-Jun-20 07:38:50

Indeed, all good points. I live in one of the safest conservative seats in the country so sadly for me it feels very hypothetical anyway. It is really interesting to see how strongly you all feel.

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Dances Tue 23-Jun-20 07:39:50

If they sort out this mess, yes

amymel2016 Tue 23-Jun-20 07:40:38

Nope! Women’s rights are the last thing on the Tories agenda.

GingerAndTheBiscuits Tue 23-Jun-20 07:40:45

Nope, never. Will watch how Labour handles the issue between now and next election. It necessary I’ll spoil my ballot.

Porridgeoat Tue 23-Jun-20 07:41:38

I was labour. Can’t vote labour now or even Lib Dem’s or greens. Party misogyny.

Conservative I’ve never ever in my life considered voting for. I would consider voting for them now if labour continues to be misogynistic and not acknowledge the female sex

Mumoblue Tue 23-Jun-20 07:41:51

They're responsible for over 40k deaths, so no.
I feel like Labour at the moment is the lesser of two evils. But I also live in Tory-land so there's not much I can do individually.

lafemme Tue 23-Jun-20 07:43:15

No. But I do understand your thinking. I feel very politically lost at the moment.

fluckityfluckfluck Tue 23-Jun-20 07:45:45

From a feminist point of view there is no one I feel I can vote for, but I've never not voted. It's awful, no idea what I will do when the time comes

Noextremes2017 Tue 23-Jun-20 07:46:28

Never while Johnson is around.

Can't get my head round how people voted for a guy who was known to lie to just about everything to just about everybody - and then wonder why we have been lied to all through this crisis?

Cluckycluck Tue 23-Jun-20 07:46:58

Yes, I would consider voting Conservative again. I always keep my mind open going into an election and always vote for the policies that line up with my own beliefs. I do not blindly vote for one particular party as many do.

At this current point in time I feel I would be more likely to vote Conservative or Lib Dem than Labour.

At the end of the day I don't believe any political party cares about the people within the country. It is one huge popularity contest built on lies from every party. It is a game played to win at any cost.

Saucery Tue 23-Jun-20 07:47:21

No. I voted Conservative in the last election for exactly those reasons and in the absence of a credible opposition from any party. At local level it’s possible to campaign for the things I was uneasy about to change (poverty, inequality in public services etc).
I am horrified at the way they are handling the Covid crisis, however. It’s not a Tory stance to be actively incompetent, even if you disagree with their approach to some issues. The scientific advice was there for them and they ignored it. That, for me, shows they are no longer a party I can support ever again while in their current form and, very reluctantly, I am going to have to put the feminist principles I was trying to protect last time at the bottom of the list next time.

Kit19 Tue 23-Jun-20 07:50:47

No but I can’t vote labour, line dem or green atm either so am politically homeless like so many.

Also don’t get me started on the so called women’s equality party....

sashagabadon Tue 23-Jun-20 07:52:41

yes, I would - although i like Kier Starmer but it does depend on whether he comes out for women and girls. 4 years is a very long time though, anything could happen.
There is so much infighting in labour at the moment , they could not run a government so they need to sort that out and imo they would be wise to lose a lot of their young/ student membership as I feel that holds Keir back as he wants to keep them on board.
i am a swing voter but normally vote labour

DuineArBith Tue 23-Jun-20 07:56:25

Absolutely not. They have 60,000 lives on their conscience.

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