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Don't forget to look at the petitions board occasionally!

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ErrolTheDragon Mon 22-Jun-20 14:53:31

As MNHQs policy is to move all petition links there, sometimes not many people get to see items which may be of interest. So it's worth checking out occasionally.

For instance at the moment there's one which has morphed into a new petition against censoring women. I'm sure anyone interested can find it, once you know to look.

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Al1Langdownthecleghole Mon 22-Jun-20 17:21:37

Thanks Errol. I need to set a regular reminder.

midgebabe Mon 22-Jun-20 17:46:59

Thanks for that suggestion

PurpleHoodie Mon 22-Jun-20 18:06:12


Ereshkigalangcleg Mon 22-Jun-20 18:15:59

Thank you!

ErrolTheDragon Tue 23-Jun-20 10:49:59


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BaronessSnippyPantsofCroneArmy Tue 23-Jun-20 12:56:17

Thanks for the reminder!

ErrolTheDragon Tue 23-Jun-20 12:57:45

My pleasuregrin

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stumbledin Tue 23-Jun-20 13:37:43

Yes thanks, I had forgotten all about it.

But some interesting campaigns, even having to petition about a petition!!

ScrimpshawTheSecond Tue 23-Jun-20 15:22:47

A meta-petition.

Stealhsquirrelnutkin Tue 23-Jun-20 16:04:55

Thank you, I found several new petitions to sign and saved a link in my bookmarks so I can find it easily in future.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 23-Jun-20 17:10:53

Good - it's worth checking in general, of course, not just for FWR related issues. smile

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Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Tue 23-Jun-20 17:17:43

Excellent reminder thanks flowers

JustTurtlesAllTheWayDown Tue 23-Jun-20 17:46:00

Thanks for the reminder. Looking now

Ninkanink Tue 23-Jun-20 20:02:20

Thank you.

Ereshkigalangcleg Wed 24-Jun-20 11:41:03


PurpleHoodie Wed 24-Jun-20 18:23:16


youkiddingme Wed 24-Jun-20 19:47:06


stumbledin Sat 27-Jun-20 18:05:20

Please check out petitions.

Heartbreaking on from the family of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman


PurpleHoodie Sun 28-Jun-20 15:23:01


ErrolTheDragon Thu 09-Jul-20 23:02:53

Another thread has reminded me to bump this.
I tried to find the ‘petitions notice board’ thread but couldn’t - but perhaps this will serve if we can keep it bumped often enough?

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PurpleHoodie Fri 10-Jul-20 09:27:17


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