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How Britain’s Feminist Grass Roots Turned the Tide Against Gender Extremists (or so this article says!)

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stumbledin Mon 22-Jun-20 14:10:04

Yes lots of good quotes. My quibble will be its all a bit optimistic. We musn't relax.

I should have creditied writer: Erin Perse writes blogs at Wild Woman Writing Club, and tweets at @wwwritingclub.

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TheProdigalKittensReturn Mon 22-Jun-20 14:09:30

That is a good article, thanks!

JackiFazaki Mon 22-Jun-20 14:06:34

I love this place for the learning!
Cracking article, I've enjoyed reading it.
Mind if I highlight a bit more of it?

To understand why it has taken so long for these policies to be rolled back, it is important to consider the outsized influence of websites such as Pink News, which purport to advance mainstream LGBT news and attitudes, but in fact have been co-opted by a highly motivated faction of (mostly male) trans activists. This vocal minority attracted little opposition when transgender anti-discrimination provisions originally were implemented to protect a few thousand British transsexuals (as many then commonly self-described). But things changed when legions of middle-aged men suddenly began insisting that they were women trapped in the wrong bodies ...

stumbledin Mon 22-Jun-20 00:39:10

I hope this is and will be true:

... so much attention has been focused on Rowling that some have missed the more significant British news in this area: The country’s Conservative government is distancing itself from proposed legislative reforms that would have enshrined gender “self-identification” over biological sex. Though Liz Truss, Minister for Women and Equalities, likely won’t be releasing the government’s policy response till July, leaks confirm that “self-ID” (as it’s widely known) will not be introduced. Moreover, Truss says she wants to protect gender dysphoric children from making “irreversible decisions” in regard to their bodies, and would allow women to create and maintain safe single-sex spaces free of male-bodied individuals. This is a huge win for so-called “gender-critical” activists, who lack the deep pockets and institutional influence of the far more fashionable trans-rights lobby—even if there is still a long way to go to repair the damage that’s already been done. ...

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