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SciFiScream Fri 19-Jun-20 16:04:03

Hi all,

There's rules about sharing information about crowd funders isn't there?

I'd better not say too much but how would I encourage people to go and have a look for one?

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SarahTancredi Fri 19-Jun-20 16:05:42

Links to the web page are ok I think. As long as it's not to the fundraiser itself.

TooTiredTodayOk Fri 19-Jun-20 16:07:05

I have no idea... grin


SciFiScream Fri 19-Jun-20 16:15:01

So I could link to Transgender Trend and maybe someone would find out about the crowdfunder that way?


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SciFiScream Fri 19-Jun-20 16:16:42

Someone's set up a mimicking website for this org!

All they've done is add a hyphen. Rotters.

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ANewCreation Fri 19-Jun-20 16:21:49

Yes, that worked - did some digging!

ScrimpshawTheSecond Fri 19-Jun-20 16:34:21

I can't dig right now but bookmarking to remind myself to do so at a later date.

PaleBlueMoonlight Fri 19-Jun-20 17:35:31

Amazing what you can find!

Jellyeggs Fri 19-Jun-20 17:47:47

Thanks for that.

Tereskova Fri 19-Jun-20 18:43:48

Oh brilliant! That’s the perfect place for the fortune I’m saving by boycotting the Body Shop grin

LoveInTheTimeOfCorona Wed 24-Jun-20 18:34:15

Bump. wine

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