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What do you do when your MP calls you a TERF?

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LadyJaye Mon 15-Jun-20 02:09:37

Long-term lurker, first-time poster. Evening, all.

So, as the title and the attached pic says, what do you do when your elected Parliamentary representative thinks you're a bigot?

For the record, he is, technically, an excellent MSP: I'm a member of the party he represents (although that's becoming a bit problematic), have voted for him consistently over three elections etc.

I'm 40: I've been a committed activist and campaigner for environmental, human and animal rights for more than 20 years, as well as local political issues.

Now, apparently, I'm effectively cancelled BY MY MP because I believe that biological sex is reality.

I'm going to write directly to him this week and I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have. I'm also going to write to GC members of the SNP such as Joanna Cherry.

Does anybody have any experience of contacting MPs outwith your constituency? I know they're not obliged to reply if they don't represent you.

I'm really angry and upset about this.

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Maria53 Mon 15-Jun-20 02:23:44

I am not keen on this guy. He is very anti-Russian and will tweet about 'Russia' this and that rather than just being direct about Putin. It bothers me and having taught lots of lovely Russian kids who all know how the West feels about them I hate this sort of thing.

That aside - you should definitely contact him. Make it clear that you are not a false prophet that has made some sort of career out of attacking LGBT rights. They have to understand that it is many normal women and men on the street that are opposing the GRA.

I emailed my MP this morning, I will let you know what she says. Happy to help with the email if you need it!

bettybeans Mon 15-Jun-20 02:37:37

He's one of the core agitators in SNP on this issue and unlikely to be swayed by - well, anything really. If you contact him it's worth copying in some other people too, just for wider visibility and accountability. Unfortunately the people holding the reins conduct wise are apparently pretty useless so it's a long shot. Do it anyway though.

Definitely copy in Joanna or Joan or someone as well.

TehBewilderness Mon 15-Jun-20 02:55:54

When the misogynists show us who they are we should take the advice of Maya Angelou and believe them.

Tell him that you intend to run or campaign against him because he has shown himself to be a misogynist.
That'll get his attention.

THEDEACON Mon 15-Jun-20 03:06:06

For the record he is an MP NOT an MSP Definitely challenge him and copy in Ms Cherry

DancelikeEmmaGoldman Mon 15-Jun-20 05:11:30

I’m not at all surprised that trust in government is so low, when politicians forget that they represent all their constituency and not just those they agree with. It’s perfectly possible make clear your support for one group without, at the same time, denigrating others.

Politics is, or should be, a profession with a skill set, which involve things like public communication, strategic thinking, moderation, insight and negotiation.

Why we keep electing people with none of those capabilities is beyond me. I’d prefer my doctor to have passed medical school, my teachers to have the right degrees and my cafes to understand food handle; but politicians seem to need only a good suit and and few fixed ideas.

EmperorCovidula Mon 15-Jun-20 05:14:32

@Maria53 Russia is horrid though, it’s ruled by a bunch of thugs. I have Russian heritage and even I am anti-Russia. I don’t think I know anyone who thinks Russia is a good place (obviously I know a lot of Russians, they’re all trying to find ways for their parents/cousins/friends/whatever to emigrate).

AbsintheFriends Mon 15-Jun-20 08:30:34

I think it's a good idea to reset the discourse in the face of this aggressive 'most vulnerable' bs. Write to him and set out your concerns about women. Ask him what he's doing to protect them. Don't mention any other groups at all. Remind him that women are 50% of his constituents and that overlooking their specific concerns, vulnerabilities and interests is not progressive it is old fashioned misogyny.

rogdmum Mon 15-Jun-20 08:40:01

Lady I write to a lot of MPs who are not my MP. As you said, they are not obliged to reply but I’ve found that some do and your email will get read and I think the more feedback they get on issues, the better.

JacobReesMogadishu Mon 15-Jun-20 08:43:11

What a plonker. A lot of trans activists are actually the ones attacking LGB rights. Telling lesbian women they have to have sex with penis owners, etc. Suck my lady dick. Which suggests he has a fundamental lack of understanding on the issue.

Babdoc Mon 15-Jun-20 08:45:21

If you support the SNP, you are signing up to a load of toxic, woke, anti British posturing.
The more Westminster backs away from the transgender destruction of women’s rights, the more the SNP will embrace it, to try and accentuate their difference. Rather like the “anyone but England” sports supporter mentality.
How can you support a party whose leader is shouting for the UK bailout of 740,000 Scots businesses to be continued for up to two years, while pretending an independent Scotland could be financially viable?

OllyBJolly Mon 15-Jun-20 08:45:32

I'm a bit suspicious about this.

John Nicolson MP was also on Twitter this weekend saying that the "anti trans movement" was "the religious and political right" and that it was only an issue to "a minority of older Twitter conservatives".

More and more evidence this is a concerted campaign at the heart of the SNP elite. Agree with us or you're an uncool bigoted old Tory.

However, delighted to report that the JKR publicity has peaktransed many of my friends who really did not get it before. Maybe Nicolson, McDonald Smith et al are getting nervous....

Babdoc Mon 15-Jun-20 08:47:53

Sorry that should read “jobs” not “businesses”, obv. We need an edit facility on MN!

Michelleoftheresistance Mon 15-Jun-20 08:56:42

Which was the judge who agreed in court that 'T***' was a slur and term of abuse used to silence people?

I'd report that. It's neither acceptably professional to call service users rude names for daring to express legal, democratic views such as 'female people should keep their rights', nor appropriate to be using slurs which show personal association with not only highly biased but extremist lobby groups. I could draw parallels, but would be deleted, because extremist other lobby groups are unacceptable but currently being extremist against female people is downright doubleplus good.

Maria53 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:00:18

I saw the comments from John Nicolson @OllyBJolly. I thought they were extremely ignorant.

My parents were SNP activists throughout my childhood and we have several friends who have gone to become MSPs or MPs. Before there was money or power in it they all just worked really hard for what they believed in. Now a bunch of woke idiots like Mhairi Black have shown up to derail the whole operation imo.

I sent both my parents the JK essay (and I was most surprised that my dad read it in full!). They have both done their own research since I eased them into the topic and are now very angry about the path the party is taking.

They are taking action as well as me so noone can be in any doubt it's just old Conservaties who don't support it.

NearlyGranny Mon 15-Jun-20 10:10:16

And of course he's wrong! It's good to gather and defend those who are attacked, but to lump supportive GC feminists in with homophobes is wildly inaccurate. I have never dreamed of being anti-gay or ant-trans. People are people and come in an astonishing variety. Everyone has their own things. The issue comes when any group is identified, labelled and attacked for their beliefs, which is exactly what the slur TERF is an example of.

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