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Things we can do off social media to keep up the pressure

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BaronessSnippyPantsofCroneArmy Sun 14-Jun-20 12:31:15

As other people have suggested on other threads, it takes minutes to drop a quick email to your MP (of whatever party) to say how thrilled you were to read the news this weekend and how you hope they will support Liz Truss in her endeavours to protect women and children.

If you have more time, a proper letter, and you can ask your MP to pass on your thanks to Liz Truss.
@TedsfederationRep is putting an example together to get you started if you feel a bit stuck.

Drop a postcard in the mail to J K Rowling, via her publisher to show your support. I'm also sending a thank you card to LT.

Keep talking; out in the real world; away from social media, people are still in the dark. Bring the sunlight!

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