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Pink News' stalking obsessiveness

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Dances Sat 13-Jun-20 17:11:43

This is an excellent thread summarising Pink News obsessiveness with beating down women in general and JK Rowling in particular

Over 5 days, the released 40 articles on JK Rowling

They are supposed to be an LGBT organisation but focus almost exclusively on trans promotion and beating off any dissent to the dogma they push. Particularly for women.

They are also heavily aligned with Stonewall's corporate programme.

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RyanBergarasTeeth Sat 13-Jun-20 17:19:30

I thought this as well. Why is the media exempt from harrassment laws?

PurpleHoodie Sat 13-Jun-20 17:27:39

Somebody on another thread a couple of weeks ago said that Prick News are a publication with no journalistic accreditation (not sure of the official terms).
Therefore to use an analogy; their status is more akin to you say your local fb/gumtree page compared to a fully fledged legal Companies House accredited business.

Clymene Sat 13-Jun-20 17:30:53

Just a reminder that Prick News is wholly reliant on clicks. So don't click!

PurpleHoodie Sat 13-Jun-20 17:34:03


OhHolyJesus Sat 13-Jun-20 17:37:29

They don't subscribe to IPSO (independent press standards org) and I have never found a mechanism to complain.

It's basically a blog.

PurpleHoodie Sat 13-Jun-20 17:39:25

A blog that raises money by clicking onto their site.

Got it.

Thanks OhHoly

EverardDigby Sat 13-Jun-20 18:02:17

It's so sad, I remember as a young lesbian in London looking forward to getting it each week. I never click.

Clymene Sat 13-Jun-20 18:56:49

God yes everarddigby I did too. I am so disappointed by most of the organisations I held dear in those days

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