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RyanBergarasTeeth Fri 12-Jun-20 15:00:38

Can we have a thread on celebs that have come out with supportive messages for jk rowling? The ones i have seen so far:

Jonathan Ross (although a shit house scared of his daughters)
Robert webb
David baddiel
Kirsty Alsopp

Any others?

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TBHno Fri 12-Jun-20 15:01:51

Suzanne Moore

Irvine Welsh

TBHno Fri 12-Jun-20 15:03:41

Robert Webb

Hadley Freeman

YgritteSnow Fri 12-Jun-20 15:03:46

Jennifer Saunders re-tweeted her.
Neil Oliver - TV Presenter and author
Jeremy Dun - he's an author who also does reviews for The Times

DeRigueurMortis Fri 12-Jun-20 15:04:13

Alison Moyet

RyanBergarasTeeth Fri 12-Jun-20 15:06:18

James dreyfus

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YgritteSnow Fri 12-Jun-20 15:07:34

Sharron Davies
Martina Navratilova


ChickenonaMug Fri 12-Jun-20 15:09:58

Fern Britton

sadandlonely2020 Fri 12-Jun-20 15:10:57

More a list who's that than who's who.

Helmetbymidnight Fri 12-Jun-20 15:13:14

graham linehan!

yasmin alibhai brown

some authors!

AbsintheFriends Fri 12-Jun-20 15:13:53

I thought Fern Britton had been critical chicken? Or at least very careful and cagey and in the 'be kind' team. I'd be so happy if that was wrong because she seems a decent, sensible and admirable woman.

RyanBergarasTeeth Fri 12-Jun-20 15:14:26

Its heartening to see more people coming out in support with their huge platforms.

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BlingLoving Fri 12-Jun-20 15:23:02

Puhlease, its great these people have supported her but it is SHOCKING that no one with a profile of any real meaning has stepped up. I mean, even if you don't agree with her views, other celebs, particularly female, saying, "hang on, this abuse is way out of line" would be great.

But instead, they're all making videos about "taking responsibility" for racism?

I find it astonishing.

And news reports which use vague terms to describe the abuse she's getting doesn't help.

And then The Sun with their splash front page from her ex?

It's SICKENING. I really hope that she is just ignoring all of this and getting on with her life. One upside of lockdown - she doesn't have to go into the real world.

YgritteSnow Fri 12-Jun-20 15:25:22

I agree @BlingLoving I am thoroughly depressed by the lack of support for her. It's frightening really that it has embedded itself so deeply that no one dares speak up.

merrymouse Fri 12-Jun-20 15:27:40

Helen Lewis is avoiding twitter at the moment, but this is her newsletter:


Rightmovenewbie Fri 12-Jun-20 15:27:49

I’m wondering why piers hasn’t said anything yet.

HandsOffMyRights Fri 12-Jun-20 15:28:42

Has Ricky Gervais said anything?

Toomuchtea Fri 12-Jun-20 15:28:57

Frances Barber is obviously pro JKR.

RoyalCorgi Fri 12-Jun-20 15:32:50

Muriel Gray.

Lottapianos Fri 12-Jun-20 15:33:24

'It's SICKENING. I really hope that she is just ignoring all of this and getting on with her life.'

It is sickening, utterly stomach turning. Misogyny seems to know no bounds. After this week, I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to disappear from public life forever

ChickenonaMug Fri 12-Jun-20 15:34:52

Abs yesterday Fern retweeted Frances Barber who wrote that JKR is an extraordinary women. The tweet contained a link to JKR’s piece.

Iamanaubergine Fri 12-Jun-20 15:46:46

Andi Oliver (chef) - not sure she agrees with Jk but has at least tweeted support

WinterIsGone Fri 12-Jun-20 15:50:29

Absolutely every time this makes the news, I think surely this time some of the bigger names will step in. And every time, they don't. There's maybe one new person (generally middle aged) who dip a toe in the water by retweeting, say. Then silence.

I would have thought someone like JKR would be the tipping point, when more people stood up to be counted. But no. sad

Here's a Twitter thread from someone I'd not heard of dissing GC people, but he does helpfully list them...

Collidascope Fri 12-Jun-20 15:57:35

Thank you for posting the link to Helen Lewis's newsletter, merrymouse. It was a very good read.

Helmetbymidnight Fri 12-Jun-20 15:57:40

I've got a real thing about Aidan Comerford. You know when people say someone makes their skin crawl - its that. He just gives me the heebie jeebies something chronic.

I think there's a LOT of support for JKR out there, I've been quite impressed.

Lissa Evans who wrote 'Their finest hour and a half' is it? is gc and she's a wonderful writer.

What bigger names would you like - and are they on social media?

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