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Lockdown pressures on mums

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Gncq Wed 27-May-20 09:54:57

3,500 families surveyed and it's found lockdown impacts women far more.

The article says

Sonya Krutikova, points to some cause for hope that the lockdown may lead to a more equal sharing of household tasks between parents.

"Fathers, on average, are doing nearly double the hours of childcare they were doing prior to the crisis," she said.

"This may bring about changes in the attitudes of fathers, mothers, children and employers about the role of fathers in meeting family needs for childcare and domestic work during the working week."

Am I being completely cynical in thinking there's no way things will become more equal after lockdown?

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Fandoozle1 Wed 27-May-20 11:11:13

I have to agree with you, I reckon things will quickly revert back to the way they were.

Goosefoot Wed 27-May-20 13:24:41

I think they will tend to revert in general. But some people may well be moved to make changes in their personal lives and arrangements.

But if there isn't systemic change it will be difficult to sustain some of this. A man off work may well do much more childcare, but if he is back to work he's not going to be able to do as much.

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