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RaquelRosarioSanchez Thu 21-May-20 13:22:03

Dear Mumsnet Women's Rights community,

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

My name is Raquel and I am a PhD student with the Centre for Gender and Violence Research at the University of Bristol. Some of you may be aware that things have been challenging for me, here in the UK. I wanted to post on this Women's Rights board to say thank you to all of you for everything that you have taught me over these past two years that I have been here in England.

Although it is online, Mumsnet has provided me with a sense of community and shown me the power of women coming together, in solidarity, to support each other. I have learned so much (and laughed so much) following the many passionate discussions which take place on this Women's Rights board. I often joke that if anyone ever wonders how to build a submarine, all they have to do is pop by Mumsnet and one of you will be like: "Right, here's how you start..."

Thank you to Mumsnet for allowing democratic and fruitful discussion of women's rights to take place. Most importantly, thank you to all of you for all you teach the many women who, like me, are oftentimes lurkers but are always learning.

Best wishes,

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WTFSeriously Thu 21-May-20 13:24:00

We all wish you success in your fight, and will support you however you need us to.

Cuntysnark Thu 21-May-20 13:25:24

I’ve heard you speak several times & thank you too. I chatted to you in a ‘ladies’ once (as you do) and cannot fathom how anyone could take umbrage at you. I think I’m right in saying we’re digging your hole, I certainly have!

Lamahaha Thu 21-May-20 13:26:19

Aw, thank you! This makes me want to cry!
I too have learnt so much from all the smart women here. Mumsnet really "rescued" me about 18 months ago when I first peaked, and I'm still learning. It is truly a community.
I've sent you a few flowers for your garden, as have many here -- good luck!

Ereshkigalangcleg Thu 21-May-20 13:27:49

Raquel thanks thank you for your courage!

severnboring Thu 21-May-20 13:30:19

Hi Raquel!
That's really lovely - and thank you for standing up to bullies.
Ashamed of my city.
Hope you are OK, and the very best of luck!

And hope you are enjoying all the new flowers blossoming in your freshly dug garden... I'm sure there are lots of others willing to help with a bit more gardening...

Prawnofthepatriarchy Thu 21-May-20 13:30:48

I too have added a few flowers to your garden, RaquelRosarioSanchez. Thank you for your gracious post. So many of us have benefited from the feminist community here. Sisterhood is powerful.

forsucksfake Thu 21-May-20 13:37:40

Best wishes to you, Raquel. thanks

CatandtheFiddle Thu 21-May-20 13:39:06

Thank you Rosa.

I hope I've dug your garden a bit/enough, Rosa. I remember seeing you chair that very early meeting of Fair Play for Women in late 2017 (when I was dealing with a disciplinary for supposedly being "transphobic" at my institution). I still remember your calm, respectful and assertive chairing of that meeting.

Congratulations for your determination & steadfastness flowers Writing a PhdD is bloody hard work enough, without all the rubbish you're having to put up with.

OhHolyJesus Thu 21-May-20 13:55:44

Off to plant some flowers soon Rosa you're a warrior and it's us who are grateful for you for taking a stand. It can't have been easy at all. Courage calls to courage. There will be others who agree with you even if they can't say so.

334bu Thu 21-May-20 14:44:05

🌷 ♥

FloralBunting Thu 21-May-20 14:53:02

Loving your work.

Whatsnewpussyhat Thu 21-May-20 15:06:06

You are amazing.
Keep fighting. We are here with you.

ScrimpshawTheSecond Thu 21-May-20 15:19:39

flowers best wishes and thank you to you, Rosa.

And to all the kind and courageous women on here. You're amazing, all of you.

FleecyMoo Thu 21-May-20 15:29:05

Thank you for your lovely post and I completely agree with you about the community to be found here with so many intelligent, thoughtful and brave women flowers

MilleniumHallsWalledGarden Thu 21-May-20 15:48:27

thanks for you, and best wishes

ScapaFlo Thu 21-May-20 15:52:47

Best wishes Raquel. I'm sorry you had to go through what you've been put through.

Mollyollydolly Thu 21-May-20 16:07:06

I don't normally post - just lurk but having read your story yesterday just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world. I feel ashamed of the way you have been treated.

Quillink Thu 21-May-20 16:46:21

All the very best to you Raquel. I'm so sorry that you have had to put up with this. Thank you for fighting flowers

RumbaswithPumbaas Thu 21-May-20 19:01:41

Hi Raquel, I am Bristol Allumni, would it help if I cancel direct debit and explain why?

GinnyLane Thu 21-May-20 19:21:34


We stand with you.

Lamahaha Thu 21-May-20 19:37:49

An interesting comment by one of the gardeners:

After hearing of your story, several of my senior school pupils contacted me to ask if I think Bristol is a safe Uni for females to attend. I remained neutral, but encouraged them to set up their own discussion group (including their male and female peers). Their overwhelming conclusion was "No".

truthisarevolutionaryact Thu 21-May-20 19:40:45

Thank you Raquel for your courage and I am so sorry at what you have been put through. Well done for speaking out - I am another one who has contributed.

Pertella Thu 21-May-20 20:45:43

Thank you Raquel, I have scattered a few seeds and will happily scatter more in June.

Binterested Thu 21-May-20 20:50:53

Dug for you Raquel flowers

Good to know there are some women holding Instituitons to account over this shamefulness.

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