New Opt Out Organ Donation System comes into effect today

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Al1Langdownthecleghole Wed 20-May-20 20:20:50

I've just gone on to register my wishes, (link below if anyone else wants to do likewise).

I was concerned that under the new regulations requiring you to opt-out of becoming a transplant donor, it would not be possible to specifically opt-out of donating my reproductive organs.

In fact, if you opt to only donate some of your organs and select the ones you are happy to be used, reproductive organs are not listed as a choice, although "tissue" is, and I do wonder how widely tissue could be interpreted.

For now, I am choosing to opt-out of donating tissue, but would be willing to donate the other organs specifically listed.

Sadly, there is the inevitable question about gender. Even when talking about cadaver transplants, it would seem gender trumps biology.

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OhHolyJesus Wed 20-May-20 20:26:12

Thanks OP I saw this in my inbox and haven't done it yet but because they ask for gender I might opt out for that reason alone.

Any medical professionals that don't know what sex is isn't come near my cold dead body and they can leave off my reproductive organs especially. If those were transplanted I would haunt the recipient.

A great shame they didn't make it more specific and user-friendly as I am very pro organ transplants and would happily have signed up otherwise.

ScrimpshawTheSecond Wed 20-May-20 20:28:45

Hm. There doesn't seem to be an option to opt out. Seems a bit odd.

ScrimpshawTheSecond Wed 20-May-20 20:31:11

Ah, it's a different page. And strongly discouraged. I do wish they'd keep it neutral.

I've been on the register since I was a teenager, but I strongly feel nobody should be pushed or coerced into it.

I'm with you, OhHoly, if they don't know what sex is they're not getting my body or any bits of it. I don't like the whole premise of pushing and persuading people to make a certain decision. Website should be entirely neutral.

ScrimpshawTheSecond Wed 20-May-20 20:32:07

Here's the 'refuse to donate' page - otherwise known as the Big Meanie Spoilsport page, in red, and rather than a neutral 'decline to donate' it's got to be a big Bigotty REFUSE.


HermioneWeasley Wed 20-May-20 20:36:57

You can submit feedback and I have

Al1Langdownthecleghole Wed 20-May-20 20:41:24

Thanks Scripshaw, I agree with you, I have long been a supporter of organ donation, but would have preferred an option to specifically exclude reproductive organs.

And the gender stuff just pisses me off. Any potential donor has to have all their vital signs and markers as close to normal as possible before legal brain stem tests can be carried out. Those markers include variables based on sex.

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AnyOldPrion Wed 20-May-20 20:43:24

Male/female/other/prefer not to say/transgender

What is the point in asking?

Bananabixfloof Wed 20-May-20 20:52:06

What bloody relevance is transgender to organ donation. I've opted out. I always was going to on principle, but that's cemented it.

And no I wont ever want a donation from anyone, so I'm not being two faced.

Cuntysnark Wed 20-May-20 20:59:35

I’ve opted out and told them that if they don’t know what sex is then I don’t trust them with my organs but if they’d used sex they could have had every last bit of me except my uterus.

Cuntysnark Wed 20-May-20 21:00:59

And I’m sure someone will be along to bollock me in the same way they did even I deleted Zoe. I shrugged & ignited them then and will again. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Cuntysnark Wed 20-May-20 21:02:14

Ffs. WHEN I deleted Zoe. Shrugged and ignored. Although igniting them...

OhHolyJesus Wed 20-May-20 21:19:48

The thing is I remember looking at the novel transplant list before, seeing that it included vaginas and ovaries or was it uteri? Anyway, I sat down and explained to my husband (next of kin) that they are not having anything that made and grew and gave life to my child.

I said anyone can have my eyes, ears, integrals organs. Anything they can recycle they can have but not what made my baby.

Now I will take all that back because I'm not signing anything that says 'gender' FFS...and I look like the big meanie?!

I'll be sending feedback Hermione

They very least they can do is have a box for sex and a box for gender identity.

Gronky Wed 20-May-20 21:29:06

It's worth noting that family members can revoke consent under the new legislation. I've left strict instructions in my will that any part of me can be used for any purpose after I pass, hopefully this will be enough.

Graphista Wed 20-May-20 21:52:58

Anyone know if this affects Scotland too?

I'm happy and willing to be an organ donor when it's for life saving or to treat illness/disability but I'm not willing to donate my reproductive organs.

Though honestly they probably wouldn't want mine anyway as I have endo but I'd still like to make my wishes clear

ScrimpshawTheSecond Wed 20-May-20 21:55:57

Graphista, Scotland is currently opt-in, but as of March 2021 will be opt-out, same as England & Wales.

Gronky Wed 20-May-20 21:56:32

Anyone know if this affects Scotland too?

It comes into effect in March 2021.

Goosefoot Wed 20-May-20 21:57:40

We are moving to this system in my province amd I've felt that the whole idea of assumed donation is just something I can't condone.

They keep saying - oh, but the family will always have the last say and we allow an opt out - but to me the precedent being set is the problem. I think it's become very clear that legislation based on the idea that it won't change the way people think about basic issues is naive, and that it won't be used to set precedents and go farther later on, is foolhardy.

So I will opt out after being a donor since I was first able to choose.

Weirdly, it's probably resulted in the most hostility from people I talk to about it of any decision I've ever made.

Stuckforthefourthtime Wed 20-May-20 22:02:21

This thread is mad. You'd rather risk someone dying without a heart transplant to avoid the extremely unlikely event of somebody born male being given reproductive organs. I question self ID, but not to the point of hurting people.

I don't see why people who choose to opt out of organ donation should be allowed to change their minds or be eligible to be a recipient themselves later, should circumstances change.

TreestumpsAndTrampolines Wed 20-May-20 22:02:34

Reproductive tissue?

I'm all for organ donation as a rule - I'm dead, I have no use for it, take what you need, but things like eggs? As a rule, I trust NHS doctors, and previously I would assume that basic ethics would be followed around this, but the way the wind sometimes blows these days, I think I would want to explicitly exclude 'reproductive' tissue, just in case - assuming there's no way to be specific about this - I wouldn't want my eggs to be used for surrogacy.

TreestumpsAndTrampolines Wed 20-May-20 22:05:02

I don't see why people who choose to opt out of organ donation should be allowed to change their minds or be eligible to be a recipient themselves later, should circumstances change.

Really? So if you've never given blood, you shouldn't be able to receive it?

I see your reasoning, but it just doesn't pan out. Give what you want, don't require anything in return, that's called altruism. If society needs more donation, persuade people. Don't force it.

Gronky Wed 20-May-20 22:06:30

but to me the precedent being set is the problem

Could I ask what concerning changes you see happening as a result of this precedent being set?

MotherForkinShirtBalls Wed 20-May-20 22:13:18

Gronky having your wishes in your will is effectively useless, the decisions around organ donation will be made long before anyone goes digging out a will. Whatever your choices may be, let your family and next of kin know sooner rather than later.

I'm very torn on opt out. I'm happy for anything useful of mine, except reproductive tissue and organs, being used but I fully understand how people fear the creep of this legislation.

TehBewilderness Wed 20-May-20 22:20:17

If they can legally assume everyone admitted to a hospital is a donor then they need not bother with gaining permission when harvesting marketable organs. If they are later informed that the person opted out it is unlikely they can return the organs.

Gronky Wed 20-May-20 22:20:28

Thank you, MotherForkinShirtBalls. My family and NoK are aware of my wishes but I thought it best to have them recorded so they're less torn if it happens. Personally, on reproductive tissue, while mine is unlikely to be of much use at this stage, I really don't care what happens to it.

I would say to those opting out over the gender question: have you considered that your organs could save the life of a gender critical rights crusader?

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