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Pam Ayres

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LadyBBKing Tue 21-Apr-20 22:54:18

I don't know anything much about her having grown up in a different country, but my Mum liked her. This popped up on my timeline Facebook and I enjoyed it. Light-hearted of course, just for some to enjoy!

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Winesalot Wed 22-Apr-20 07:36:42

Thank you. We need more of her ilk. I grew up in Australia and she was well known there too.

Thanks for sharing.

Pinkarsedfly Wed 22-Apr-20 07:40:17

I’ve always loved her. Grew up reading her stuff and can still quote it. Quite underrated, I think.

Binterested Wed 22-Apr-20 07:51:56

Grew up with her too. Funny and love the accent - how my grandparents spoke.

Winesalot Wed 22-Apr-20 08:01:24

I found her to have a gentle style compared to today’s overt crassness.

We liked Jayne Adams Serious Black Jumper too. Not sure what her other work is like but that was enjoyable.

Spartak Wed 22-Apr-20 08:06:38

I met her when I was about 15, at a charity presentation evening that I'd raised money for. They used to find a local celebrity to present the certificates. She spent a good couple of hours with us, and recited a few poems. The one about looking after teeth sticks in my mind.

She's just as lovely in real life as she comes across in her poetry or on TV.

JayAlfredPrufrock Wed 22-Apr-20 08:08:03

Thank goodness. I opened this thread thinking you might be criticising her.

Pinkarsedfly Wed 22-Apr-20 08:13:56

I was pleased when she turned up on some panel game or other. The usual smartarses were on, ready to take the piss, and she was as sharp as a tack. Totally disarming.

HorseRadishFemish Wed 22-Apr-20 08:17:45

Thank you for that OP.

AJPTaylor Wed 22-Apr-20 08:18:10

Her autobiography on audible is well worth a listen

HorseRadishFemish Wed 22-Apr-20 08:25:43

Will be watching Jayde Adams tonight. Thank you winesalot...

nauticant Wed 22-Apr-20 08:26:11

Like others I came to this thread in trepdipation thinking dead? kool-aid drinker? #metoo apologist? and am pleased to see positive comments.

I went to see her last year expecting a pleasant evening but not much more. She won me over completely with a natural self-deprecating humour. She also didn't look that different compared to her telly heyday.

GingerScallop Wed 22-Apr-20 08:30:07

I "discovered" her late last year in YouTube. What a legend. A genius like Patricia Routledge (Mrs Bucket). They don't make them like that anymore. Good, hearty British fare

Winesalot Wed 22-Apr-20 08:35:43

I too had trepidation that she had died. Glad she is not although I would love to see her do some work about these times.

Serious Black Jumper had some surprises, my husband and I didn’t have high hopes but both enjoyed her humour. I particularly laughed at her piece on feminism and What constitutes ‘empowering’ these days. I remember stating the same thing to a young American woman who told me I did not know what I was taking about.... but I won’t spoil it for you.

WhentheRabbitsWentWild Wed 22-Apr-20 08:38:45

Oh Yes I remember Pam Ayres

I particularly recall "I wish I'd looked after my Teeth" most

Annasgirl Wed 22-Apr-20 14:45:47

I always adored her - I'm going to pass on that clip to all my isolating friends.

TragicRabbit Wed 22-Apr-20 15:00:24

I really want to forward that my mother-in-law grin

TragicRabbit Wed 22-Apr-20 15:00:59

To my mother-in-law even

LadyBBKing Wed 22-Apr-20 15:12:27

Oh I remember oh I wish I looked after my teeth too! I think I may have read it out at a poetry comp as a young-un. Good to see it's been enjoyed. I've been reading through some of her poems today and they've lifted my spirits!

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Al1Langdownthecleghole Thu 23-Apr-20 08:14:15

She’s a good egg. Often tweets about wildlife and especially hedgehogs.

HorseRadishFemish Thu 23-Apr-20 08:22:37

Enjoyed JA. Thanks again wines..

wanderings Thu 23-Apr-20 08:27:09

I loved her poem about failed DIY, with the punchline (often used by her dad if you started some craft or other, but didn’t finish it):

“You might as well have left the job alone.”

Pinkarsedfly Thu 23-Apr-20 08:31:47

Thanks for the Serious Black Jumper recommendations. I listened to Jayde Adams on The Adam Buxton Podcast, and I really liked her so I’ll look forward to watching that.

RevolutionofourTime Thu 23-Apr-20 12:20:08

One of the readings at our wedding was a Pam Ayres poem - Yes, I’ll Marry You My Dear.

It’s not every wedding reading that features PMT 😁

PositiveVibez Thu 23-Apr-20 22:54:28

A genius like Patricia Routledge (Mrs Bucket

Currently re-watching keeping up appearances with 11yo DD.

Patricia Routledge is absolutely AMAZING as Hyacinth. Can't imagine anyone else in the role.

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