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"What makes a man? Masculinity as performance" photo exhibition

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GCGayDad Tue 21-Apr-20 12:04:26

I'm supposed to be getting on with work but saw this link to this photography exhibition about masculinity and just had to share here.

Although the write-up contains some ridiculously 'woke' language and concepts, the actual photographs and some of the artists' intentions are really interesting. The links look worth exploring as well.

Take a look:

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MoleSmokes Tue 05-May-20 02:08:26

Some of the photos are lovely but the writing . . . gawd help us! grin

JellySlice Tue 05-May-20 07:26:05

The text is unreadable, so maybe I've missed the point, but it seems that the photos are the exact opposite of the title. They seem to show that masculinity is not just performance, that these men are still masculine even when they do something stereotypically feminine, like putting on make-up or posing with an 'aroused' face.

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