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Effect of lockdown on ROGD?

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jellyjellyinmybelly Fri 17-Apr-20 02:01:39

I just wondered for those of you with direct experience of ROGD, has the lockdown had any effect on your kids? I wonder if having more time at home and less at school might make things easier from a GC point of view.

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Gingerkittykat Fri 17-Apr-20 04:56:54

It might make things harder if kids are spending more time online talking about gender issues.

BlackberryViolet Fri 17-Apr-20 08:45:28

If anything it’s making things harder. I’m sure that it’s linked directly to the state of her mental health, she had settled at college and was making huge progress. However this lockdown has pulled her back into depression. College is closed, her gym is closed, she can’t go to the places she usually takes the dog. Parks are closed, woodlands closed, beaches closed. The Thursday night clapping, pan banging and fireworks are affecting her. She’s autistic with a raft of sensory issues and the noise really affects her. Then she gets stressed that some idiot will shame her for not taking part. She’s hiding in her room with headphones on while it goes on. It has sent her back into a black hole of depression and she’s spending more time online and holed up in her room. All the gender stuff is now coming back as a result of this.

Doing my best to get her out but I just get shouted at, sniped at and ignoredsad

StillWeRise Fri 17-Apr-20 21:42:28

I can't give you a link but have been told that the lockdown rules are more liberal for people with disabilities, so it is permitted to take someone who definitely needs it more often/for longer or to a particular place if they need it.

ScrimpshawTheSecond Fri 17-Apr-20 22:12:06

Blackberry that must be so hard, I'm sorry.

And yes, a friend with a son with autism has posted that the rules are specifically relaxed for those with autism.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Fri 17-Apr-20 22:13:46

It will mean that kids are spending even more time online than they usually would, surely.

Gwynfluff Sat 18-Apr-20 10:25:40

My eldest has mental health difficulties. Her best friend has been round once and sat in our garden and they spoke to each other through the window. And she’s been there once and done the same. I’m fine with it.

Also the NHS keyworker on our house hates the clap as do others I know.

Langbannedforsafeguardingkids Sat 18-Apr-20 10:53:41

I would think it would depend on the child and how much time they are allowed online unsupervised to be honest. Yes, some mental health problems will be worse under lockdown, but ones due to relational aggression may improve if not continued online.

I think it's very important to monitor internet usage for children in lockdown.

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