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Prison, Series 2, Channel 4, Foston Hall Women's Prison, Derbyshire

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MoleSmokes Wed 15-Apr-20 11:38:59

"The multi-award-winning documentary series returns, this time to HMP Foston Hall - a women's prison, where more than 300 women are incarcerated for everything from non-payment of fines to murder." Feb 2020

Series 2 Episode 1

"In the First Nights Unit at women's prison HMP Foston Hall, there are moments of warmth, humour and romance, but also bullying, drugs and smuggling"

Series 2 Episode 2

"Over half of the 300 women in Foston Hall prison are suffering the effects of long-term emotional, physical or sexual abuse. A remarkable new prisoner-led therapy group seeks to help."

Series 2 Episode 3

"A moving look at the emotionally charged difficulties of being a mum in prison. At Foston Hall, Kelly seeks to renew contact with her boys while Lexi has tough questions to answer."

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There was a brief discussion on the Telly Addicts Board in February but I thought this was worth posting in FWR as the subject of women's prisons comes up a lot.

This is as close as I have ever got to a women's prison so I don't know how to judge the Series on "realism". That said, it is one of the best things I have seen on TV for a long time.

More info:

Foston Hall on Government website:

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Socrates11 Wed 15-Apr-20 15:54:37

Thanks for posting Mole, will have a look later when back on the WiFi

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