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Television series "Take Three Girls" 1969-1971

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Staffori Sat 11-Apr-20 01:45:02

Wow - I remember it well. I must have been 13 when it started. I will definitely be taking a walk down memory lane. Thank you so much. x

endofthelinefinally Sat 11-Apr-20 01:36:00

I remember that series. It was very good for its time. There were lots of " progressive" programmes on at that time.

DidoLamenting Sat 11-Apr-20 01:26:23

Thank you. There is another thread but it doesn't have the Avril and second Kate series 1 episodes.

I watched the Kate Stop Acting episode yesterday. It is a bit of a period piece other than the casting scene which is interesting, post Weinstein.

The clothes are gorgeous- the acting is extremely ropey !

MichaelHerbert Fri 10-Apr-20 18:29:58

A drama series about three single girls sharing a London flat between the end of the 'swinging' sixties and the start of the 'glam' seventies. They were: cello-player Victoria Edgecombe (Liza Goddard), failed actress Kate (Susan Jameson) and Cockney art student Avril (Angela Down).

Each week the story concentrated on the ups and downs of one girl in particular It was successful enough to return for a second series although when it did only Victoria remained (Kate had got married and Avril had taken a job in Paris) and she was now joined by new flatmates Jenny (Carolyn Seymour), a young journalist, and American psychology graduate Lulie (Barra Grant). Much of the series has been wiped.

These are the four episodes available on Youtube at present.
Series 1, episode 1 "Stop Acting" about Kate , written by Hugo Charteris

series 1, episode 2 " Devon Violets", about Avril, written by Julia Jones.

series 1 episode 10 "Keep Hoping" about Kate , written by Hugo Charteris

series 2, episode 2 "The Private Sector " about Lulie, written by Carey Harrison.

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