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Malaysia's coronavirus lockdown advice for women sparks sexism backlash

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Winesalot Wed 01-Apr-20 12:05:11

And rightly so! It's 2020 and this is the way the government of Malaysia treats women....


The Malaysian Government has apologised after issuing coronavirus lockdown advice for women, which included speaking in a cartoon cat voice and avoiding nagging, after the move sparked a sexism row.

The Ministry of Women and Family Development issued a series of online posters directed at women during the nation's partial lockdown, which began on March 18, including how to maintain happiness in the household and avoid disagreements with their husbands.

The series contained the hashtag #WanitaCegahCOVID19, which translates to Women Prevent COVID-19.

One of the campaign's posters depicts a man sitting on a sofa, and said women should refrain from being "sarcastic" if they need help with household chores.

Avoid nagging your husband, another poster said, but instead use humour or imitate the infantile voice of Doraemon, a blue robot cat from Japan that is hugely popular across Asia.

The ministry also urged women to dress up and wear makeup while working from home.

The article goes on....

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Winesalot Wed 01-Apr-20 12:08:04

I only wish this was an April fool's day article....

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Lordfrontpaw Wed 01-Apr-20 13:24:24

Similar advice for men?

Shave and have a wash, you slob
Get dressed, you arent sick
Don't assume that because your wife is working from home she is just there to pick up after you make your lunch AND homeschool the kids
Don't be a demanding arsehole
Don't whine about how hard it is being stuck indoors
Be polite, supporting and do your share of household chores
Don't beat your wife to death

MangoesAreMyFavourite Wed 01-Apr-20 13:39:04

The mind boggles. You would think people would at least know they should hide these attitudes of theirs.

Winesalot Wed 01-Apr-20 14:06:41

Unfortunately, I remember being in KL in 2000 and feeling a similar sense of shock at the government at the time that asked politely if people (men and women) would not beat their helpers.

Why? NOT because it was illegal, abusive and inhumane treatment of women who were already discriminated against, kept in poverty usually foreign, and often without any rights at all.

But.... because it made the helpers feel less inclined to work hard for them.

I cannot believe that this is 20 years forward and the victim shaming tone that supports this is outrageous, as well as the sexism.

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Bezalelle Wed 01-Apr-20 15:24:49

Meanwhile in ultra Orthodox Jewish communities, Corona is being blamed on women wearing their wigs too long and skirts too short.

Lordfrontpaw Wed 01-Apr-20 15:26:32

Not refusing to listen to public health advice? Is that why there was outbreaks of measles in such communities (who refused to immunise too)?

God we women are just so damn powerful aren’t we? Also blamed for tsunamis and earthquakes.

Winesalot Wed 01-Apr-20 15:27:19

Bezalelle I would laugh at the ridiculousness of that except that must be so very worrisome for those women.

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LimescaleCowboy Wed 01-Apr-20 15:44:25

Don't beat your wife to death

Ain't that the truth, @Lordfrontpaw. I see the media is already underplaying men killing women and children, reporting these brutal murders as some kind of 'couples crises' and 'family crises', like the murdered women and children had agency in their own deaths. Sickening.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Wed 01-Apr-20 15:51:08

If I started talking in a cutesy cartoon voice my husband would think I'd lost my mind. This does not speak well of the men it's intended to appease, nor does the suggestion that one way to prevent your husband from hurting you during lockdown is to make yourself look pretty.

BookWitch Thu 02-Apr-20 23:43:26

I lived in Malaysia for 14 years, it does not surprise me at all. The government often puts out ill thought out and poorly advised guidance, like this about how wives should behave during lockdown, along with the equally stupid "only the heads of the household can go out to shop" nonsense.

It's a deeply racist divided country, perfectly legal to say in a job advert you want "Chinese only" for example. So glad I've left

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