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The wonderful Catherine Hamlin has died.

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StrangeLookingParasite Thu 19-Mar-20 21:56:13

BBC report

My mother used to donate to the Fistula Hospital.

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sleepyhead Thu 19-Mar-20 22:04:51

She was wonderful. I hope we can honour her memory by making her dream of an end to obstetric fistula come true.

Gwynfluff Thu 19-Mar-20 22:05:58

What an absolute heroine

Thanks for posting about her.

StillWeRise Thu 19-Mar-20 22:21:19

that is sad news

CheriLittlebottom Thu 19-Mar-20 22:24:49

Very sad news, but I'm glad to have read about her and all the good work she did.

LynnSchmob Thu 19-Mar-20 22:29:26

Wow. She achieved so much.

Languishingfemale Thu 19-Mar-20 22:50:04

An amazing woman who contributed massively to the gynaecological health of some of the most marginalised and oppressed women.

Prawnofthepatriarchy Thu 19-Mar-20 23:23:09

DF, a retired GP and obstetrician, has donated to one of the fistula charities for many years. It was he who alerted me to the issue and explained it to me in laywoman',s terms.

Catherine Hamlin was an amazing woman.

Thinkingabout1t Thu 19-Mar-20 23:41:30

Another true heroine. I hadn't heard of Catherine Hamlin, so thanks for posting this.

I've just set up a direct debit to Hamlin Fistula, which has lifted the gloom I get from reading about the current war on women's rights. At least this is one thing I can do for some of the world's most oppressed women.

It's like the actions taken by ordinary women to question the new antifeminist dogma, to stand up for our rights. Each action may be small, like that few quid a month towards fistula surgery. But in total we can do something valuable.

midgebabe Fri 20-Mar-20 07:33:42

Thank you for posting

RoyalCorgi Fri 20-Mar-20 09:58:51

A brilliant woman - someone who actually made a difference.

Socrates11 Fri 20-Mar-20 10:12:42

From (also Dr James Barry) Dr's Elizabeth Garrett Anderson & Sophia Jex-Blake to Catherine Hamlin, female doctors rock!

Goannaforanna Fri 20-Mar-20 10:13:15

An amazing woman who helped so many others. I remain sad that she never spoke of or apologised for what happened at Crown St Hospital when she and her husband worked there in the 60s and so many single women had their babies taken from them. I guess it was supported by society at the time but many are still suffering and I wish she'd spoken of it.

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