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Suzanne Moore - naming and shaming

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Haworthia Wed 18-Mar-20 23:57:59

Suzanne Moore is naming and shaming her Guardian colleagues/friends who signed the letter condemning her column. She’s obviously feeling completely betrayed but I’m worried this is going to backfire for her. Tell you what - massive balls though.

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NoSquirrels Thu 19-Mar-20 00:02:50

Hahahahahaha at the MN Shop Bot spam. Spamming their OWN boards. Lordy.

Anyway, I came here straight from Twitter. Wow. I think I have a crush on Suzanne Moore.

Fine, disagree with her. But she is right - signing a petition without speaking to her is cowardly in the extreme.

Of course it will backfire. But I think she has no fucks left to give. She'll get work elsewhere, no doubt about it.

Haworthia Thu 19-Mar-20 00:19:57

A bot advertising holidays and all! Nice one, MNHQ 👍

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WomanIsTaken Thu 19-Mar-20 00:20:52

Go, Suzanne, and let the cards fall where they may. With you all the way!

GeordieTerf Thu 19-Mar-20 00:29:21

Ovaries of steel! smile

pachyderm Thu 19-Mar-20 01:03:21

Love her. And none of the people she named surprise me in the least. Pathetic cowards.

SameOldHorrorStory Thu 19-Mar-20 01:10:58

Hi, can someone please explain to someone that doesn’t know what’s going on? (I know who Suzanne Moore is, so that’s a start! and also aware of her guardian article) What is the MN Shop bot spam?

Staffori Thu 19-Mar-20 01:14:35

SameOldHorrorStory There's a whole bunch of stuff here, hun.

GrimDamnFanjo Thu 19-Mar-20 01:18:50

Crikey! What a load of cowards.

SameOldHorrorStory Thu 19-Mar-20 01:30:33

Ok, thanks, but I don’t think those links are relevant to this thread because this was created late night yesterday and none of those links are dated today or yesterday.

I was asking about: Naming and shaming colleagues.

And if people are in the know then I’m sure this makes sense, but to me, who isn’t I dont have any idea what this exchange means:

1. Hahahahahaha at the MN Shop Bot spam. Spamming their OWN boards.

2. A bot advertising holidays and all! Nice one, MNHQ

NoSquirrels Thu 19-Mar-20 01:38:16

1. Hahahahahaha at the MN Shop Bot spam. Spamming their OWN boards.

2. A bot advertising holidays and all! Nice one, MNHQ

They've gone now - but posts ostensibly from MNHQ advertising a discount on Hoseasons holidays posted by a 'MN shop bot' began appearing as the second post on virtually all threads started past 11.30pm. See here:

For Suzanne Moore, have a look at her Twitter feed. She has named and shamed colleagues publicly who did not have the courtesy to tell her in person that they disagreed with her opinion on women's rights.

NoSquirrels Thu 19-Mar-20 01:42:26

She's named a whole bunch of people she clearly feels personally betrayed by. Fair do, I reckon. Why not? - sign your name to something = have it be known publicly. She is unrepentant and rightly so.

TheBewildernessisWeetabix Thu 19-Mar-20 02:11:06

It's been going on all day. Advertisements inserted in OPs and comments.

SameOldHorrorStory Thu 19-Mar-20 02:30:51

Thank you @NoSquirrels

stillathing Thu 19-Mar-20 06:18:06

I love her. I totally understand why she would do this. So much about support for trans ideology seems to be about blind faith. It needs bringing into sunlight and holding up to reason each time.

It also helps me to know which columnists have less integrity, are less able to exercise critical thought etc.

FrankieManca Thu 19-Mar-20 06:39:13

Eva Wiseman! Simon Hattenstone!

Jesus there has been some seizing up of brains, integrity and ethics at the Guardian.

It is not run by grown ups at all.

I used to have a subscription for the tokens. Got sick of whiny features, non stop recipes etc and cancelled. They didn’t even send me the most basic ‘sorry you have cancelled, could you tell us why’ tick box questionnaire.

Hold tight, Suzanne. And you are right: it is about free speech.

SophocIestheFox Thu 19-Mar-20 06:52:45

Go Suzanne!

The sense of betrayal is comimg off those tweets. These are people she knows and works with - can you imagine how it would feel to have your work colleagues basically sign a denunciation about you because of your opinion?! I would be fucking incandescent. These people are writers, could they not have used their words and just told Suzanne they disagree?

Obviously none of that applies to LOJ, I would be sorely disappointed if he wasn’t front and centre to put the boot into a disobedient woman.

AnyOldSpartabix Thu 19-Mar-20 07:05:40

Looking at the thread, it seems overwhelmingly supportive.

Found this, which pleased me. Not specifically GC, but supportive of Suzanne.

Melroses Thu 19-Mar-20 07:15:29

If you are signing a letter publicly condemning someone, you have made your views open to public scrutiny, surely?

Floisme Thu 19-Mar-20 07:18:11

Wow Twitter is so compelling sometimes. - wish I'd followed it live (especially as I was still awake, judging by the timeline).

So raw.

Simon Hattenstone angrysadHe always struck me as an honest, decent person and it'll be hard to read him again knowing this.
OJ - well the only surprise would have been if he wasn't there. Great comment though - brings new life to the word 'skewered'.

I don't see how she can continue at the Graun after this but I'm sure their loss will be greater than hers. And if I were an editor and had to choose between Suzanne Moore and that tawdry little shower, it wouldn't take me a heartbeat to decide.

TheMagiciansMewTwo Thu 19-Mar-20 07:27:27

I love that Tanya Gold is publically supporting her too.
I was surprised by Simon and Eva but not so much by the others.

IndoorWeather Thu 19-Mar-20 07:32:22

Where are the names?

TheMagiciansMewTwo Thu 19-Mar-20 07:36:00

On Suzanne's Twitter.

Helmetbymidnight Thu 19-Mar-20 07:38:26

simon hattenstone! that saddens me.

eva wiseman - no surprise, ive never learnt anything of interest from her columns

definitelygc Thu 19-Mar-20 07:51:23

Good for her. Signing a secret letter of condemnation of your colleague is such a pathetic, weaselly thing to do. At least have the decency to talk to her about it. I'm glad they're being exposed.

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