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Practical equality

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Bananabixfloof Tue 17-Mar-20 13:14:10

perhaps important, to note: 3 women, 2 women of colour
Did you actually just assume their gender? How very dare you.

DidoLamenting Tue 17-Mar-20 12:44:26

A lot of people wouldn’t even care whether they were a QC or not

I regularly instruct advocates (Scottish barristers). My go to person is a very experienced junior who by experience, knowledge, cases won and age should be a silk but actively prefers being a junior as he gets more work as he is still cheaper than a QC. The last time I saw him in court he wiped the floor with the QC.

LadyQuarantinaPluckington Tue 17-Mar-20 10:27:35

Sorry, meant to add in that this is why simple numerical ratios don't really mean very much in terms of liberating women.

LadyQuarantinaPluckington Tue 17-Mar-20 10:25:38

Well, yes. It's important to acknowledge an individual women's achievements, especially if she is breaking through barriers, but on a broader scale, Feminism isn't about individual women being successful in a male dominated sphere.

Strangerthantruth Tue 17-Mar-20 10:21:15

If only we didn't have the legal profession gaslighting us on sex.

OhHolyJesus Tue 17-Mar-20 10:16:24

I'm with Regina, having a balance of sex of employees in businesses of all types would be great, it's what feminist have been striving for for decades. We can celebrate women being appointed in senior and important positions, sure, but it doesn't mean anything if we can't say what a woman is.

The OP would probably self-ID as a woman and would probably use the women's loo at work. The women at the same chambers might feel uncomfortable about that and would probably feel they couldn't say anything. So, if that is the case, the women are still oppressed, even if they occupy these roles, roles they worked hard for, roles they deserve.

Reginabambina Tue 17-Mar-20 09:16:18

To be fair I doubt anyone actually cares whether their barrister is Male, female, ethnic minority, religious etc. A lot of people wouldn’t even care whether they were a QC or not. Likewise most graduates looking for a pupilage aren’t going to be prioritising Instagramable #equality because they all know exactly what all chambers are like under the surface. If you could publish any interesting articles these people have written or any cases where they have done a spectacular job the legally swotty might be interested. Beyond that it really really doesn’t matter.

trotabitwalkabit Tue 17-Mar-20 09:06:57

I disagree with most of RMW's posts. This pic was cheering though.

CuriousaboutSamphire Tue 17-Mar-20 07:39:46

I imagine op is just sharing good news. Having read others of Their posts I am cynical!

NonnyMouse1337 Tue 17-Mar-20 06:51:04

That's great to see. Congratulations to all, especially the women.

FloralBunting Mon 16-Mar-20 14:44:44

Well done to all the women making strides in a patriarchal system stacked against them. They have my complete support.

RobinMoiraWhite Mon 16-Mar-20 14:43:49

Yes, my intention was to recognise the positive.

Strong role models are very important for progress.

At least one of those pictured was state-educated. I don’t know the educational backgrounds of the others.

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donquixotedelamancha Mon 16-Mar-20 14:31:30

why do we need to know this, specifically? Is it an advert?

I imagine op is just sharing good news. It's nice to be reminded how much progress is being made, despite the bumps.

That said, I wonder how many of them have come from poor backgrounds?

CuriousaboutSamphire Mon 16-Mar-20 14:19:24

That's nice... why do we need to know this, specifically? Is it an advert?

RobinMoiraWhite Mon 16-Mar-20 14:11:25


Four good friends and Chambers colleagues, Ijeoma Omambala, Deshpal Panesar, Katherine Newton and Rebecca Tuck are ‘taking silk’ - becoming QC’s - today. Here they are pictured on the steps of Old Square Chambers before heading off to the ceremony.

Also in the picture are Senior Clerk Will Meade, Deputy Senior Clerk Graham Smith , Senior Team Leader Paul Adams and Team Leader Olivia Moliterno.

All appointed on the most obvious and outstanding merit but interesting, perhaps important, to note: 3 women, 2 women of colour, 3 ethnic minorities and at least three religions.

Old Square is a very special - and equal - place to practice law.

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